Monday, August 30, 2010

Birthday Boy 2

After school, I went to Wonder 6 Daycare. My Aayi and Baba had reached there. They had got sweets to distribute in daycare, as Wonder 6 discourages chocolate distribution.

Sujatha madam had made an excellent card for me. Yamini aunty also called me to wish.

Around 4 P M, mamma came and picked me from daycare. When I reached home, I was astounded by the decoration that Baba had done. He decorated the house with balloons and lights. It was so sweet of him.

Pappa came home by 7 and I was playing with papa. By 7:30, Abilash and Sharsh came home with their mamma’s and I started playing with him. We cut the cake and I tend to be a good boy, distributing the cake and other snacks.

Well, my eyes were on the gifs that they got. (My mamma says that I am such a shameless mannerless boy, but can’t help. I get very excited, when I see something wrapped in gift wrapper).

When they gave me gifts, I said thank you and gave them the return gifts that my mamma had got it.

They had got one building set, a CD, a pencil box set, and a vehicle book. Thanks a lot my friends.

Then it was time for Swaram akka to come. After my dinner she came. She wore a blue dress and had a small sparkling blue bindi. She was looking cute!!!! Infact I told this to my mamma, later on.

Swaram akka asked, “ Mamma told you are happy to hear that we are coming. Are you happy?”

Aryan, “ No I am not!!!!”

Mamma, “ What Aryan!!!”

I giggled and went away. It was fun to pull each other legs.

Swaram akka asked, “Where is my return gifts”

Aryan, “ I don’t give return gifts to big people.”

Swaram akka had got loads of gifts for me. I even forgot to say thank you to her after seeing the gifts. She helped me open the wrapper and I was very excited to see so many gifts.

A set of two karadi tales books about krishna with CD.
A jungle book puzzle set
A locomotive assembling set (This is really marvelous)
A small cute ecofriendly bat and ball.

Thanks a lot Swaram akka and Kanagu anna. Kanagu anna called me to wish, but I was behaving like one lord. I did not talk to him. Hope he is not angry with me.

Soon Su Mama came and all of them had dinner. Aayi had prepared yummy dinner.

Overall it was such a memorable birthday. I will post the photos of my gifts soon!!!

Thanks to everybody who made my day!!!

Edited to Add: I forgot about the return gift I gave to Swaram Akka. One white Balloon... Infact as I didn't wrap it in a gift wrapper I totally forgot about it. Swaram akka next time I will do that!!!!


Swaram said...

Arre Aryan, how come u forgot abt the return gift u gave me? That cute white balloon :)

SO, when can I come for dinner again :P

SVD said...

Oh so ur photos fast aaru...cant wait to see....

thats so cute of u to say that u were waiting to open the gifts..thats quite natural darling..even for adults hahaha


Aryan-Arjun said...

Swaram akka—Anytime you are welcome...

Periyamma—yes will post photos..tell mamma about it..I am not responsible...

kanagu said...

I am really happy to read Aryan.. wish I was there... Waiting for the photos :D :D

And I didn't get my return gift.. you forgot and Swaram akka too forgot.. :( :(

Anonymous said...

It was really lovely to read.
As always swaru akka is sweet.
Wishing you to get more gifts next time.


Deeps said...

It must have been so much fun, Aryan! I wish I were there to celebrate the day with you!

So you love pulling others',you and I are going to have loads of fun when we meet,I'm telling you :)


mnamma said...

Belated Birthday wishes to Aryan!!! Some photos please!!!

Nupur said...

such a cute record of Aryan's b'day !!

Aryan-Arjun said...

Kangu anna—You ballon will be reserved and be given to you when we meet:-)

Thanks Ambulisamma

Deeps Akka—Yes, it would have been fun if we both pull swaram akka's leg..

Mniamma—Thanks, yes posting the photos now

Scribber—Welcome to my blog. Will check yours soon..