Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mamma-Pappa- Any difference?

Yesterday, at 10:30 PM:

Aryan, “ Mamma, I think I did not eat proper dinner.”

Mamma, “ If you are feeling hungry, please ask Pappa to give you some food. I am not feeling well now. Let me sleep.”

I went to Pappa. He was watching Cricket.

Aryan, “Pappa, I think I did not eat proper dinner.”

Pappa, “ It is OK, tommorrow you can eat proper dinner.”

Aryan, “ I did not eat vegetables. I only ate rice.”

Pappa, “ It is fine Aryan, go and sleep. Tommorrow you can eat vegetables.”

I came running to my Mamma. Mamma was listening to all these conversations. As soon as I came near to her, she said, “ Aryan, you should ask explicitly to your Pappa. Otherwise, he doesn’t understand. Tell him that you want food. Then he will heat it and give you.” I understood that there are a lot of differences between Mamma and Pappa!!! Does everyone feel the same?


Swaram said...

Ha ha ha ha! Gud one Aryan ;)
So, wat did Mamma give u after that :P

Mamma: Hope u r feeling better nw!?!

kanagu said...

OMG... poor dads.. :( :( for the mistake of mamma and son he gets the blame, he won't understand.. ufffff..

hope your mom is well Aryan :)

Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks Swaram akka, mamma got up and gave me food.

Kanagu anna—Dads don't understand anything.....what to do. Yes, now my Mom is fine. it is just that she was lazy to get up from bed!!!!

Swati said...

hahahah..good one