Thursday, July 29, 2010

Magic words

Aryan, “Mamma, let me talk to you now.
Mamma, “OK, tell me what do you want to talk.”
Aryan, “Why our house is not having a V shaped or A shaped roof? Why we have all rectangle buildings.
Mamma, “When we build our independent house, we will tell Papa to make a V shaped roof.”
Aryan, “I can also help you mamma in making that house. You can use my construction toys.”
Mamma, “Thank you Aryan for sharing your toys.”

Then I suddenly went and hugged Mamma and said that the hug is for the MAGIC WORD that Mamma used now.

Mamma: Magic word. What is that?

Aryan: Yes, Mamma. Three words: THANK you, PLEASE, AND SORRY are magic words.

Mamma: Yes, from now onwards don't order me. You should say PLEASE and ask me.

Aryan (Thinking): " Insanity at its heights. Why did I say about magic words to Mamma. Now she will start bugging me to use it!!!!!"


Swaram said...

Ha ha I luv u Aryan :)

Lavanya Seetharaman said...

Wow, u have learnt all these words soo soon..a secret - when u use these words, people will give u what u keep using these often !!!!

SVD said...

soooo sweeet

Anonymous said...

Super,what a generosity!


kanagu said...

they are surely magical words Aryan.. they will get the things done :) :)

/*I can also help you mamma in making that house. You can use my construction toys*/

You are generous Aryan :) :)

mnamma said...

He already uses the magic words!! Great!!!

Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks Swaram Akka..

Kavya's Mom..That is a cool secret..


Ambuli amma—u think I am generous. Wait I will do another post to show I am not!!! hehehee

Kangu anna—Magic Magic evrywhere...

Mniamma—It is my school intiative to make use of those words!!

lostworld said...