Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My Vocabulary-II

When my Mom's laziness vanished, she decided to post more about my vocabulary. What to do, I cannot operate computer by myself??

Word: Hippa
Meaning: Hippopotamus
Used: When I play with my yellow Hippa toy that my Periamma got me.

Word: ish
Meaning: Fish
Used: When I take bath in my bath tub and play with my Fish toy

Word: aatthaa..
Used: When someone asks me, Where is that object, I point my hand towards that particular object and say aattha..

Word: Eethu?
Used: When I want to know about the name of a particular object, I point my hand towards that particular object and I ask Eethu question to my Mom.
Sometimes my Mom tries to escape from my Eethu question. The other day I was picking the alphabets one by one and asking her this question. This session went for an hour. After this episode, for two days, the alphabet toy was not to been seen anywhere in the house. Later on I came to know that my Mom hid that toy somewhere to escape from eethu question.

Word: Dammaa
Used: When my Chella Patti asks me this question“ How did the food fall from crow’s mouth”, I say Dammaa…


Timepass said...

Wow Aryan, ur mom hides the toys to escape ur questions!!! great

Anonymous said...


Ask your papa to get bigggg bigg alphabets from US or else take the newspaper and ask mom "ithu, ithu" pointing to each letter... she will go nuts. hehehe


Maggie said...

Hi Aryan, Happy New year to you and your family!


Preethi said...

choo cute... loved eethu... nantu used to say "enna"

Aryan-Arjun said...

Timepass Mommy: Yes she hides the toys..

Periyamma—Oh no periyamma so sweet you are. You are always on my side.

Moppet's Mom—Thanks a lot

Preethi Mommy—Enna is a new word, I can add to my list.