Thursday, May 8, 2008

My First Vehicle—Tetracycle

My Papa got me a new Bicycle or I can say tetracycle— a bicycle with additional two small tryres. Thus my tetracycle has four tyres.
But the cycle is too big for me even though my leg touches the pedal.

Whenever Papa comes home from office, I no longer insist him to make me sit in jula, but I insist him to make me sit in cycle.
I hold the handle and papa pushes the cycle. I got round the whole house.
My Papa askes me, “Aryan, what is the color of cycle?” I say,” rrrred”.
The next question would be invariably how many tyres my cycle has..and I say FOUR.

I guess at this age, parents buy Tricylce for kids…But this was my Papa’s master plan to buy bicycle with additional tyres. The irony is Tricycle costed Rs 1600 and tetracycle costed Rs 1700 ..Just Rs 100 more for an extra tyre. My father was all excited and got the tetracycle. He claims that I can use this till age four…
Ahh…long way to go..

NB: Will post the picture soon. My Mom is lazy to click one.


Wunderyearz said...

You are a Big boy now.....Be careful and do obey the traffic rules ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tillu,

Now that you have got a vehicle of your own, I hope you will visit your periyamma and take me a ride in this cycle..right??


Swati said... ..waiting for pic

Timepass said...

wow, thats great news..enjoy the rides on the cycle

Mama - Mia said...

tetracycle!! wow!!

that sounds only way cooler than tricycle!!

and that how much they cost?? :(

Daisy said...

ROTFL- on the extra tire for a 100 bucks!! wat logic!

mynanhipari said...

tagged! but nevermind your mommy has already submitted the homework:)

K 3 said...

Big boy ... have loads of fun riding it!

Opal Scraps said...

congrats boy!
btw, you are tagged :-)

Preity Angel... said...

Congrats!!! you are grown up now

Itchingtowrite said...

cute!! congrats on the new wheels
ojas & Tejas

Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks everybody...Yes I have grown big now...Will post the picture soon..

Swati said...

This one is for you :)