Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New year wish, To son with love..

Dear Aryan,

You were born on 27 August 2006, a day I cannot forget in my life. A Sunday , a Vinayaka chathurthi day…My adorable darling, from that moment I am with you. I cannot think of a life without you….

How nice I feel:
When I see the happiness in your face after I come from office
When you run behind me saying Mom Mom..
When you hold my dress and roam the whole house waiting for me to come from office
When you search for me and look at my photo at least some 10 times a day.

How bad I feel:
When you cry for no reason and when you try to be stubborn. When I scold you for this behavior and when you still come to me and cry for my scolding…
When you fall down and hurt yourself.
When you are sick and tried.
When you don’t eat properly
When I leave you in daycare (Still I have not left you in day care)

Oh my dear Aryan..I love you. May this year be full of blossoms in your life. You will learn to talk properly, you will learn to eat by yourself, you will learn to behave socially with other kids, you will learn to sleep alone, you will learn to play more…..oh no so many milestones ahead…

Aryan’s Mom


Anonymous said...

Hi Aryan

Wish u a happy new year.

Preethi said...

Heart Warming post.. Aryan ... good luck with your milestones for this year!! Have a wonderful new year!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aaru,

My sweetest new year wishes to you dear. You should have one more resolution in your New Year..that is to come and meet periyamma...


Swati said...

sweet post ..indeed my feelings ditto !!

Aryan-Arjun said...

deepha Akka—Happy new yr to you too...

Preethi Mommy—Happy new yr

Periyamma—I will come to mumbai..if my mom takes me..

Swathi Mommy—You also feel like my Mom??? So nice of you