Thursday, April 30, 2020

Bears, Bears, Bears

Enough of Aryan Dada writing in this blog. This is my blog too. I want to write, and I am writing now. I taught Dada a lesson by becoming a creature and attacking him. The creature is big brown-furry creature. 

Yes, you are right, a bear. I am slightly different - I talk, give speeches, do not hibernate and I do not eat the amount of food a bear eats. I tramp. I eat in a big vessel. When I am bear, to grab attention, I say BEAARRR! not bear. 

Some good things and bad things about me:  Good thing, when I am bear, I eat very quickly and the bad thing about me is that I blame many things on bear's dumbness. My king is "Bear god". He rules bear world where all bears live, after he reigned the throne, I became the king. Now I rule the land of bears. 

Overall, it is fun being bear as I like to irritate Aryan Dada and show how dumb a bear can be. It is enjoyable    

By Bear, A.K.A Arjun  

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Anonymous said...

cute bear