Wednesday, April 1, 2020

What an adventure - Part 1

There I woke up with a start, I was expecting the scent of tea, which was quite usual as my parents drink a lot of tea, but instead I found a bit of rather strange but amusing colored feathers. Wow feathers, these can be good for my feature collection book. But, wait where am I? I felt thirsty and I said to myself “I wish I had some drinking water”. Then suddenly, two plastic bottles of drinking water were thrown to me. I was quite surprised and I asked “What is this place? Can I go back home?

A hoarse voice stated, “This place is in the path of something supernatural and not supernatural; whatever you wish in this place will be true except going home, for which you need to solve special riddle and go through few trials”.

I thought this was meant fun here, why go home soon. I used my wishes and created a big house, bigger than anyone’s in the world. Then I made a swimming pool of money. Now a question might arise to you readers that why isn’t he solving the riddle and going back home? Why? Because as stated by the hoarse voice, this place is in the path of something supernatural and not supernatural and I was pretty scared to chew the adventure.

Back to the story, I made myself a food castle and I could only finish the smallest piece of the castle. I left the castle and wandered in this place, making chocolate fountains, water slides etc.
Days passed by and I was feeling that I am in a cluttered mess, not meeting any humans or living thing. One day as I was wandering in the self-made candy castle, I met a spider.

She asked “Want to go home?”

 I looked at her then shrieked as I am scared of spiders.

She said “I will tell you a path home but I am hoping for a ride.”
My head was at an epicenter of a headache.

The spider said “You must first pass through the Great rock, then the chasm of death and then a solve riddle. If these three trials are done, you can go home.”

I agreed, but the idea of a talking spider scared me. Cellotape was an option, which made her mouth shut. I marched towards the Great rock.

This is Part 1’s conclusion.

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