Tuesday, May 5, 2020


·        Dhoom (Hindi): Lots of noise for this movie because it means noise; action packed, lots of twists in the tail
·        Cloudy with a chance of meatballs (English): Do you like tasty food and ever wished food to fall from sky, then this is perfect for you but let me tell you greed is bad.
·        Thor Ragnarok (English): Does thunders scare you? Then get ready to face the wrath of Thor, it is thundering and thunderfying
·        Pushpak : Lets not talk about this, it is gross, best part is that it is a silent movie
·         Jo jeeta wahi sikandar (Hindi): Love college days where less work and more play, this movie has a catchy twist in the end
·        Detective Dee - Mystery of the phantom flame (English): Want to be a detective with a Chinese origin, then this is best for you
·        Vicky Velingar (Marathi): If you love solving puzzles and can bring out stories with a jiffy, well you can relate yourself to this movie
·        Truman Show (English): What if your life was a movie and you didn’t know about it. What would you do?
·        Open Season (English): Don’t like hunting (not ghosts) big furry bears, this is best for you
·        Nanban (Tamil): Tamil version of 3 idiots, funny and idiotic
·        Yogi bear (English): Bears do yoga? They do much more; like inventing machines to steal picnic baskets
·        Hera Pheri (Hindi)-Comedy riot, what would you do if someone was giving you a lot of money but you need to do something illegal
·        Humble Politician (Kannada): A laughing stock and has a perfect moral: Where there is a will there is a way
·        Frozen (English)(my sister’s request): Brrr! Get some warm clothes because this  one is a chiller.
·        Jeans (Tamil): Wonder why they kept the movie name as Jeans, I feel it is a best movie for twins
·        Hum Saath Saath Hein (Hindi): Do you love family? And would do whatever to keep it together, then it might be a good and emotional one (No offense)
·        Mahabharata Series (Hindi): An old Indian epic, which teaches us do your duty and do not wait for the result as truth always wins
·        Supernatural Series (English): Do I need to talk about this?
·        Coco (English): What happens when you die? Do you go to heaven, hell, purgatory, or the land of dead, watch this movie to find out
Arjun gave this idea of open season
-         By Aryan

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