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Recently I finished season 9 of Supernatural and I must say it was one of the best seasons I have watched so far. In the season 8 finale Castiel loses his grace, many angels have fallen from heaven to Earth, Sam was dying so Dean tricks Sam and makes an angel possess him. The angel tells Sam and Dean that his name is Ezekiel and Castiel approves it because he knows that Ezekiel is a good soldier.

Season 9 Summary
When Sam kills Kevin, the Prophet, they came to know that SAM is possessed by Gadreel, who had disobeyed the lord in guarding the garden of Eden. Now, Gadreel has teamed up with Metatron, a scribe of god. Anyways all twist and turns. Somehow with the help of the Crowley, aka king of hell, Sam could make Gadreel go out of his body.

Castiel must continue to run from thousands of angels who blame him for causing the angel fall, whose leaders are Bartholomew and Malachi. Castiel kills both and creates his army. Metatron, is also building another army of angels.

In the fight between Metatron and Castiel, there reached a stage when Castiel had to chastise Dean, but he chooses not to, and his army leaves him. In the end the angels come to know the truth about Metatron.

This season does not end here.

A knight of hell – Abaddon needs to be killed, she can only be killed by a person who has the mark of Cain and the first blade. Dean of course takes the mark of Cain and gets the first blade. With this, Dean wants to kill and torture everybody and got addicted to first blade. He kills Abaddon, but in the season 9 finale, Metatron kills Dean before he gets jailed!!!!!  Well, do these Winchesters ever die??
Dean does not die he becomes a demon because of the first blade and the mark of Cain.
Season 9 ends here.

Best Dialogues
 “You betrayed me? No one in the history of torture will be tortured like the torture you will be tortured with”
It's Enochian. I believe it's some sort of riddle. "Why is six afraid of seven?" Now, I assume it's because seven is a prime number, and prime numbers can be intimidating.
[bemused] It's because seven eight nine.

Best Episodes
18th episode – Meta Fiction
21st episode – King of Damned
23rd episode – Do you believe in miracles

I forgot to mention one thing: thanks to Disha Didi for introducing me to Supernatural.

Looking forward to watch season 10.

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