Sunday, April 12, 2020

Supernatural Quiz

I have written few posts about SUPERRNATURAL but I have never hoisted a quiz, so here is one- 

           1. Which character shared the same birthdate as Dean?
a)       Jessica
b)      Bobby
c)       Jody Mills
d)      Garth

2. Which Archangel is Loki in supernatural?
a)       Raphael
b)      Gabriel
c)       Zachariah
d)      Jack

3. Who said these lines: “Why can’t you beings sit on the cloud and play harp as you are supposed to.”
a)       Rowena
b)      Crowley
c)       Kevin
d)      Death

 4Who rescues Castiel from purgatory?
a)       Dean
b)      Crowley
c)       Sam
d)      Naomi

5. Who is Kevin Tran?
a)       A prophet of the lord
b)      An angel
c)       A demon
d)      None of the above

6. How do you kill a vampire?
a)       Silver bullet
b)      Iron
c)       Cut its head off
d)      None of the above

7. Which biblical weapon Dean possessed in season 9?
a)       Colt
b)      Spear of destiny
c)       Mark of Cain, First blade
d)      Death’s scythe

8. Sam’s LSAT score.
a)       176
b)      174
c)       154
d)      190

9. How do you recognize a shapeshifter?
a)       Camera
b)      Mirror
c)       Holy Water
d)      Salt

10. One open ended question. What is your best supernatural moment?
a)       Sam and Dean’s happy days
b)      Castiel and Crowley’s dialogue
c)       Dean and Sam’s big bad kills
d)      Castiel’s entrance
e)      Crowley’s humor

Please provide your answers in the comments section. 

If you get 2-5: You need to catch up
If you get 5-7: You are in the league
If you get 8-10: You are a hard core fan.


Anonymous said...

1. Jessica
2. Gabriel
3. Crowley
4. Naiomi
5. b
6. c
7. c
8. a
9. a
10. a

SPN FAN said...

Great quiz

winchesters said...

Keep posting more Supernatural stories and episodes review. I loved your blog.