Sunday, April 5, 2020

What an adventure - Part 2

In Part 1, I was marching towards the Great Rock. Days passed by and I finally reached it but this was not all; I had to climb up the Great Rock. It sounded easy to climb up a rock but my companion, the spider, somehow managed to remove the cello tape from his mouth and said, “It will be tedious to climb this rock; it is 100 meter high.”

“So let it be, I can use my wishful thinking to climb the Great Rock” I replied and then I wished for it. But alas, it did not work! I had no choice, I had to climb. The spider chose to stay back. Isn’t it something fishy?  

I wished for my hiking equipment, put them on, and started my climb. Halfway through my ascent I looked down and I saw my companion friend, the spider, had turned into aggrandize one and was trying to grab me.

The spider roared with laughter, whereas I was shivering to death. I mustered all the courage I had, and I wished for a sword. I said, “I am ready” and the spider came charging at me. I cut one of its leg and I saw black puss and goo. I pierced spider’s eye with the sword and I continued to climb the rock. I was almost done, and who was awaiting me at the top?

A venomous, black-skinned, green-eyed snake on top of the rock, hissing at me.
I wished for rescue and there aroused the dead spider and it got bumped on the snake.
This diverted the snake’s attention. Wow, this wishful place is quite tantalizing.

I finished my climb and now I needed to head towards the chasm of death. I am on my own, but before going to the chasm of death, I would love a little nap.

Part 2 ends here…..

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