Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Do I Share Enough?

Every evening I take my bi-cycle and go down to play with my friends. We do cycling for a while and then play something different. When I am not riding my cycle, the watchman uncle’s kid rides it. When I asked my Mamma, she said it is fine to share.
When he touches my friend’s cycle, they just fight with him and don’t even allow him to touch it. Well, I have questioned my mamma about this behavior and she simply says, “The more you share the more you get from god. Now Santa Claus will be happy and he will give good gifts during the Christmas. So continue sharing.”

Off late my Mamma notices that I am not taking my cycle down. The reason is: I don’t get to play with it. As soon I take it down, the watchman uncle’s kid snatches from me and he rides. He doesn’t even ask me whether I am fine to share or not. Sometimes I am simply not fine to SHARE.

The other day, I felt very sad, when the watchman uncle’s son was not sharing my cycle with me. All kids were riding and I was watching them with my pet. (I have some soft toys, one toy invariably is the PET OF THE DAY.)

Aryan, “Mamma, I am sad. Sharing makes me feel unhappy.”

Mamma, “Ok Aryan, don’t worry. If you are unhappy, then don’t share. You should have the courage to tell him to just ride your cycle for a while, not always. Just don’t give him completely. Sharing also has a limit. I am just asking you to share “A little”.

I am seriously confused about what this “A little” sharing means, when the other kids don’t even share anything.


svd said...

Oh Aryan

Ur so innocent dear. People taking advantage of u...ohhh no..


Swati said...

aww...i understand your dilemma sweety. We adults expect you kids to undertand whats on our minds and its too much for your little brains.


Anonymous said...

Aryan is so sweet,he is ready to share his stuff and what you are doing is right.

Swaram said...

Awww u r such a sweetheart Aryan :)

kanagu said...

:) :)

'A little thing' nobody will understand Aryan.. Ask mom to explain it ;)