Friday, February 25, 2011

Temple Festival

Yesterday I saw Kerala temple festival for the first time in my life. Temple festival in a near by temple, had commenced 10 days back. The whole temple was decorated with lights. It was a festive atmosphere with so many people around. Mamma got me balloons. Yesterday was the last day of this festival and on the last day the temple priest places the god’s idol on the decorated elephant’s back and they come home.
Yesterday night I saw three elephants that came to our house. On one elephant’s back, god’s idol was placed. I was so thrilled to see elephants.

The questions that I get after seeing the elephants are:

Why does this elephants always shake its ears and tail?
Why is this elephant eating coconut without breaking its shell?
Why is this elephant so big?

Hi friends, it is me- Arjun, Aryan Karmore’s brother. I came to this world 4 months back. Now my vitals are: Weight- 6kg, Height - 55 cm. Some ten days before, I turned over when I was trying to hold one rattle. Yepee I discovered another way of lying down. Now as soon as my Mamma drops me down, I turn over. I try to move ahead a little. My Mamma, Kuttu mama, my grandparents and everyone are so happy to see these changes.

But you know guys; I have to be little away from my Big bro, Aryan.
Aryan dada sharing his blog with me itself is a big milestone. But you know today I overheard his conversation with my Mamma.

Aryan, “ Mamma, can you please give me Arjun’s head. I can play like a football.
Mamma, “ What?”

My Question is : Can my Mamma give my head to Aryan Dada?


noon said...

Wow - I didn't know this at all - Congratulations!!! Incredible news! so happy for you!
Kerala festival - it is just spectacular - the sights and sounds!

SVD said...

hahaha...thats so cute of play with Arjun's head. Aryan, its ur little brother...u shud play with him and not with his head..we will get u a new ball to play..ook


Lavanya Seetharaman said...

hahaha !

Lavanya Seetharaman said...

LOL !!

Swati said...

LOL..thats very innovative and funny :)

Swaram said...

Ha ha ha! 2 adorable bros there :)
Can't wait to see them. Pls bring them soon :)