Friday, April 15, 2011

Answers Please

I don’t share my toothbrush with anyone, I don’t share my towel with anyone, I don’t share my comb with anyone, then why should I share my Mamma with Arjun?

Why can’t I be a girl? Mamma can you get me one girl dress?

When will this Arjun become big and play cricket with me?

Why Papa came early today? Usually he comes at night right?

From where and why did you get me this Puff color. I thought you went to office. You got permission from you manager to go out of your classroom and get this color for me?


Swaram said...

Wish I hd the answers. U r just too smart :P

Anonymous said...

How sweet is that..You know the answers please that I can better be prepared :)

kanagu said...

don't worry Aryan..Arjun will soon be big enough to play with you... :) :)

Else come to my home... we can play cricket all day and night :) :)

Sorry for not present for past few months here.... :( :(

Swati said...

hahahah..good ones :)

Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks Swaram Akka

Weourlife aunty:
These are the Answers that I my mom came up with:

Because Mamma cannot be brought anywhere, so she needs to be shared.

Because you don't have hair!!!

Aryan, when you stop watching TV then Arjun will play with you!!!

Today Papa thought of spending some time with Aryan-Arjun..

Yes, Mamma got permission from manager to go out of my classroom and get this color for you!!

Kanagu anna- I would love to come...

Swathi Aunty—I am not convinced with Mamma's answers...