Monday, June 13, 2011

School Again

School time again. This time, I was not very scared. Atleast I knowing how my school life is going to be. But when Baba, was dropping me in the pick up point, I tried to convince him not to send me. Somehow nothing worked:

Aryan, " Baba, I am feeling sleepy.'
Baba, " No, you are not."

Aryan, " I am feeling tired."
Baba. " Sit there for sometime."

Aryan, " Do you think school bus will come? It is already late, let us go home."
Baba, " No, let us wait."

Aryan," Baba, I want to do potty."
Baba, " No, we are already in the pick up point, bus will come in few minutes. Go to school and do"

Aryan, " OK Baba, I will go, but tell Mamma to call and tell the teacher that I don't want to stay more in school. Only little I will go!!!
Baba, " Phew!!! Ok."


Anonymous said...

LOL :)

Swaram said...

He he he :P

Swati said...

:) All of these kids are just the same :)

Aryan-Arjun said...

seeena aunty—School is so boring!!!

Swaram akka—Couldn't escape how much ever I tried.

Swati Aunty—My friend is also the same!!! then the problem is with the concept of going to school..not with us, I guess...