Monday, April 20, 2020

Lockdown Diaries as Stated by Castiel

If you are a Supernatural fan, you would know how Castiel talks. Well, we wanted to jot down our lockdown diaries as stated by Castiel.

However, if you know about Aryan Arjun household, you can still crack these riddles to know about our lockdown activities. You can provide you’re answers in the comments section.

1. We are using muscles effectively to track down our energy levels with special movement of body parts; all in front of a gadget.

2. Few of us are racking our brains in front of a geometrical diagram made of cardboards to solve manipulative puzzles to become the one who wins.

3. An art of making complex satiable food molecules to reduce the craving of our tongue and tummy in order to survive as a human.

4. Comprehending a written/printed/screen work consisting of pages glued/binded/sewn together.

5. Art of taking in knowledge without taking out the existing knowledge and mostly use it when needed or for a good life ahead.

6. The blissful feeling of sitting in front of a large rectangular screen, which mostly shows some unmeaningful acts in the name of entertainment.

7. Conveying thoughts for mass human reach out.

8. Irrigating specific living beings, which uses photons, complex mixtures, and gases for nutritional creation.

By Aryan and Arjun


winchesters said...

Great post. I can imagine castiel delivering these dialogues.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog

Anonymous said...

Love your blog

Meghana Sridhar said...

1. Cult fitness
2. Board Games
3. Cooking
4. Reading
5. Learning
6. Watching TV
7. Blogging
8. Watering the plants

Meghana Sridhar said...

Really appreciate your efforts!