Sunday, April 26, 2020

Effects of watching Supernatural

I was getting ready to sleep; drinking milk, loosening my face after a long day and at 9 o clock I went to bed. My mom was attending a call in the room below. I decided to sleep. In the first 15 minutes of me trying to sleep, I heard a noise like water dripping and then a loud bang. Strange, isn’t it? Then I sniffed. Why did I sniff? I was sniffing for the scent of sulfur.

In case you didn’t know, if you smell sulfur demons are around. I could smell the scent of rotten eggs a.k.a. sulfur. It could also be a leviathan because leviathans are quite powerful, powerful than demons and angels. It could also be vampire, and it could be the dripping sound of blood, instead of water. I didn’t want some monster to haunt my mother but she is a bigger Supernatural fan than me and she will manage. But what if she needs back up? I quickly grabbed my phone searched for the exorcism spell, grabbed a knife from the storeroom and woke up my brother, who was much disturbed by my amusing act and said “Zepniz phantachi”. I replied back, “What are you blabbering?” I got borax powder from my slime making kit and told him to hold it. This is a page from my hunting journal, which has remedies to kill, demons, leviathans and vampires.

Then we barged in the room where Mama was having call. I blabbered the exorcism spell. Mama said “What??!?!!”Then she said “What are you doing”. I was ready with borax for any leviathan. Mama cut the call and asked me what I was doing, in a rather bemused tone.

I explained her about the sulfur smell, the loud bang and the dripping noise. She told me that our neighbors went for a walk and they left their balcony door open (Distance from us to our neighbor is just 1 feet and their balcony is next to my room). The water dripping noise was my bathroom tap leaking. The sulfur smell was my smelly pillow, where Arjun hid some smelly socks under it. When I asked about the words that Arjun was blabbering, not accepting the fault is mine, Arjun said, “I was trying to tell you that SPN is fantasy”. 

Now because of my far-fetched imagination, I got banned from watching SPN for a week.

Here is my reply to the “Winchesters”, who commented in my blog - Looks like I have Sam and Dean by my side but where are Castiel and Crowley. Anyway thank you for these pleasant comments.

By - Aryan


winchesters said...

Hope we find them soon.:-)
Great imagination...

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Wow !!

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your journal is good