Sunday, July 30, 2017

Book review - Magician's nephew

Book: Chronicles of Narnia- Magician’s Review
Author: C .S Lewis
Rating: 5 stars

Most of the people like fiction and so do I. After finishing HARRY POTTER series. I started PERCY JACKSON series but it didn’t go well with my reading style. Hence, I was in search of some good mystery series and I had asked for this book, Chronicles of Narnia- Magician’s Review, in the near by library-Unnati. 
When I was member of this Library a month ago, I had asked for this book.  They were so prompt and got this book for me within a month's time.  As soon I went to the Library, I picked it in a fraction of second and started reading it. Initially was finding little difficult, soon I got the flow of the book. Some of the main characters are Digory, Polly, Aslan, and the Witch, each one it well depicted in the book.

Uncle Andrew, a mad magician, slaves Digory and Polly and sent them to a magical world called NARNIA. It is an enchanted place and anything is possible there. Uncle Andrew, Strawberry –the horse, the witch comes along and everyone is happy. Suddenly, the witch starts to become evil and starts to attack the people of Narnia. Together, with Lion Aslan, the kids save Narnia. The main plot of this book is to face the adventures and cure Digory’s mother.

This book was published in 1955, and I would recommend this book to people who love adventures and fiction as it has a good essence of both. Recommended reading age is 9+. I am waiting to pick the next one in the series.
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Aryan Vishal Karmore 

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