Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Trip to Tiruvannamalai

It all started when we got an Innova Crysta. When you have a new car, road trips are obvious, isn’t? However, me feeling carsick is another point to narrate. That I will do it later. Now, let me tell you about my trip to Tiruvannamalai.

We set of our journey at 7 AM. and reached by 10:30 AM (Stopped in between for breakfast). As I live at the south of Bangalore, which is near to Tamilnadu, going anywhere around Tamilnadu by car is quite easy. We wanted to visit a temple called Annamaliyaar, Shiva temple with Angi Linga. The temple complex covers 10 hectares, and is one of the largest in India. Near to the temple, there is a hill called Girivalam, from which Agni comes on Kartika day. There are numerous story behind this. One of the story is that of Shiva trying to show Bhrama that EGO is not relevant not even for gods.

There were so many inscriptions on the pillars and there were four gopurams. I don’t even think we roamed around the temple completely and we were tired. As it started drizzling we headed back, and just saw Ramana Maharishi’s Ashram nearby. Thankfully, we had packed Lemon rice and we could eat that on the way to Yellagiri hills, a small hill station. We saw Monkeys on the way. Arjun, my brother was feeling mountain sick!! I can’t believe he feels scared of mountains. We just checked out on some of the good places to stay and planned to stayover next time. We headed back home and reached around 7:30 PM. I was as tired as a log. However, it was a memorable trip. Probably, this is my third road trip. We had gone to Tumkur (Shivganga mountain) and Kolar- Avani (Lav Kush’s birthplace) before. Looking for more road trips!!

Best part was: My grandma got me a game called Pallankuzhi- Ancient indoor game which can be played with few cowry shells.


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