Tuesday, August 22, 2017

My Class Teacher - Namita Madam

If you have a good class teacher you must be lucky. I have a good class teacher. Her name is Namita Dhar Biswas. She is the geography & class teacher of 6C. She has a good attitude and encourages me and my friends. In Geography, if I have a doubt it will be cleared in a fraction of a second. My class teacher believes in leadership and other duties and she constantly motivates us. She is always in a sunny disposition. Namita ma’am is kind and gives me a chance to be a class monitor.

We had class assembly this Saturday and we were presenting about Philippines. Madam had already shared the slides and callouts. However, we were in limbo on the day of assembly as two of the students who were supposed to talk about culture and heritage of Philippines, were coming late for the assembly. Namita madam has a knack to act according to situation and she immediately changed the plan, skipped that section and asked us to continue. This gives us confidence to face any twist in the tale. Although, I knew we didn’t perform well in the assembly; she still encouraged us and said we can try better next time. 

Overall, I am feeling lucky this year with Namita ma’am being my class teacher. Thanks Namitha Ma'am and thanks to GIIS.

My class assembly pic.

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