Sunday, September 2, 2012

Real Birthday/Fake Birthday

My birthday was on 27th August. I woke up with full zest and enthusiasm. I was feeling all excited and good. I got ready without any fuss or fury. The feeling of distributing sweets to my friends was good. My mom was happy that now I understood the concept of sharing, which she was inculcating all these years. I had already planned to give 5 chocolates to “N”(The Kolaveri Di girl). Though we are in different sections now, I try to meet her in school bus. God knows how long she will choose to ignore me!!

In the school, everyone wished me. The best part is; I got the “Good Job” badge for being Good (Not sure though)

Evening, all of us went to temple and was back at 6:30 P M for the party. The party was super doper, and all my friends enjoyed dancing and playing little games. My Pappa got strawberry cake and infact he didn’t go to office on Monday, just to make all arrangements for the party in the evening. That is sweet of him indeed.
Some progress in me and Arjun.

Me: Being a 6 yr old boy, I decided to sleep alone in my room. I decorated my room the way I want. (All pictures scribbled here and there, that is what my mom says, though I thought I did a good job) I put a danger sign on the door of my room. People should think twice before entering my room!! I shifted all my toys and clothes in my room. Though initially I was feeling scared and my mom sits in my room, till I sleep. Now I am getting used to it.

Arjun: The boy is funny indeed. For some reason, my parents wanted to celebrate my birthday on 26th (Sunday). They were trying to convince me, saying we will buy cake, decorate room, gifts this that…..I was not convinced and did not agree. Arjun was listening to all these talks and he decided to celebrate his birthday. He was non-stop behind my Mom and Pappa, saying Arjun Birthday, Arjun birthday today.

Papa: Arjun, what do you want for your Birthday?

Arjun: ccakke

Pappa: Then what else.

Arjun: Baboon (Balloon)

Pappa: Then?

Arjun: Gip Gip (Gift)

Papp: Whom all you want to call?

Arjun: Shaaakkka (My neighbor)

Pappa: Ok, we will celebrate in the evening

Arjun: eeeeveening (repeats whatever we say)

In the evening he stared again, “Pappa, cake, baboon, GIP Gip, Shakka.”.He was even banging my neighbor’s door to come for birthday.

At last, we got a cake and celebrated a fake birthday. Indeed he got GIP from Shaakka, me, and my Mom for his fake birthday . Hhis real birthday falls on 26th October not 26th August!!!!

Another point is: He understands and response well to everything..He was trying to fill water in a glass and couldn’t close the tap when the glass was full. Aayi was scolding him for spilling water. Hearing this he managed to close it, went near to her and kept his pointer finger on her lips and said “Chup”(Quiet). Then he went back and filled his glass again and drank water. Not sure this deed is applicable/except able for a “yet to be 2yr old kid”.


Swaram said...

Hehe u both are so cute Aryan. Sorry I missed ur bday :( Am a bad blue aunty na :P :P

I am waiting to come and visit u once I feel better :)

Hope Aayi and Pappa are doing well too!

kanagu said...

Belated birthday wishes Aryan :) You started sharing things now.. great :) How are you?? doing great??

Still looking for 'Kolaveri di' girl... Liked ur patience :D :D Convey my wishes to Arjun :)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday stay blessed:)

prateek said...

happy birthday.stay blessed:)