Friday, December 14, 2012

Sports day

I felt good being a part of sports day drill. The theme was “drillz and Frillz”for PPII and 1st grade kids.

My parents came to school and witnessed the gala event. I was part of the mass class drill. Dressed in white and red, I looked handsome. Girls out their, did you notice !!!

The best thing was: We got to eat Sandwiches, cookies, and marble cakes.

“Looking forward for next sports day”…oh no…not again!!!.My mom maybe looking for it…. I have no excitement for such events……doing mass drills in hot sun!!

After the whole episode, I felt more good coming home, having lunch and amusing myself watching TV.

Probably this thought may change next year!!

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Swaram said...

Hehe u are very sweet Aryan :)