Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Patti’s House

Trivandrum trip was an amazing trip I had ever had. First of all, I was so excited travelling in flight. I slept the first one hour and the second hour I was busy shutting and opening the flight window. I smiled whole heartedly at whomever I saw and tried to grab their attention. In fact, Aryan Dada was behaving matured. First day, I was cranky, from next day I was totally different roaming all around and playing with my cousins. I was at the garden, running behind butterflies and ants, plucking flowers, leaves, playing with ball, playing with water …. I saw peacock, mynah, crow, pigeon, canary, parrot, and woodpecker, cuckoo…..jackfruits, coconut trees, banana trees, banyan tree, temple elephant…unending list. The best part of my trip was Navvya- My sweet little sister. I get so fascinated when she tries to call me Dada. At least when my mom says I am her Dada, I feel so big…..I love my periamma and Navvya. I just miss my patti’s house now. It was such a wonderful trip. Even now when my Mamma says, where is butterfly…I just try to see everywhere. Off late I am fascinated by all construction toys. I play with Aryan Dada’s construction toys, wear his shirt. I just like to do whatever he does. Whatever he eats, I also need it. If he goes to pee, even I will go. If he jumps, even I will jump. I just have been imitating him. I am also an ardent devotee when I go to temple. I do namaskaram everywhere and anywhere in the temple premise. I extend my hand for Prasad. I say Sai baba, Sai baba…All gods are Sai Baba for me. Last but not least…..I call my Mom- Abba..Abba..”M” pronunciation out of Arjun’s Memory card!!


Swaram said...

Ha ha ha ha! 2 superheros at home now whoa - I hv to come visiting :)
Finally ur mom has woken up from her slumber and got posting here :P Looks like I shud keep meeting and pestering her to post updates ;)

Now can we hv some big boy Aryan updates also pls?

Swaram said...

Booooo I missed our banana chips this time too :( :( :( :(