Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So far So good..

My mom keeps telling she will post, but she is extremely lazy. Lot of things happening in Aryan-Arjun’s household for the past two months…

Now My mom is working from home.So she end up working 24/7.

On Jan 26th, I became Bhagat Singh

On Jan 28th, I went to Ramoji Flim city with my cousins Divya and Shiv.

On Jan 29th we got Arjun’s hair cut from a temple called Yadagirigutta. Arjun cried lot, and seeing him crying I also cried. I was feeling very sad for my brother and was scolding Mamma for putting Arjun into trouble. But Arjun looks smart without hair….

During mid Feb, Arjun got admitted in hospital for fever. I cried seeing him being pierced with injections…Bad Doctors. (Now you know who is the cry baby in our house)

When Arjun was discharged, I got fever, somehow escaped getting admitted in hospital.

Now my Mom’s eye is infected with conjunctivitis….

Of all these stuffs, I am happy that my school closes next week and in between I participated on one story telling and poem recitation completion.

I Also got one “good job” badge from school!!!


mnamma said...

Hope your Mumma recovers soon Aryan! And the fever sounds scary. Take care and enjoy your holidays!

Swaram said...

Oh God! Plss take care all of u!

kanagu said...

oh.. thats lot of happenings Aryan.. hope everybody were good there :)

I am coming to Hyderabad by 22nd March.. Will you be there?? Let me know :)