Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Irritating Day

There are days when you wake up irritated and irritate others around you. Today was one such day. I was very annoyed. I cried for everything, right from brushing teeth till wearing my shoes. My mamma‘s mood also got changed alternatively seeing my behavior. At last she bribed me that she is going to get me one book today evening if I go to school without crying.

I was little pacified.

On the way to the pickup point,

Aryan, “You know why I was crying.”

Mamma, “No, Aryan unless you tell me I cannot understand much.”

Aryan, “I was crying because I get scared to go in School bus. It goes fast and I get scared that the street dogs would get hit by my school bus.”

Mamma, “Did you dream this yesterday?”

Aryan, “No Mamma. ”

Mamma, “Ok, nothing like that would happen. You hold tightly and sit.”

Aryan, “Why don’t I stay at home today?”

Mamma, “ Ahh..so that was the whole point. You want to be at home.”

Aryan, “Yes.”

Mamma, “But today is not a holiday, you go now and evening I will get a book for you.”

Aryan sadly, “ OKk…Mamma”

Hope she gets me a book .


Shilpa said...

:) I got chocs and balloons when I refused to attend my classes... you are a good boy Aryan :)

Swaram said...

Aww u r so caring Aryan. I wil surely get u a book when we meet next time ok :)
Which one do u want?

Aryan's Mom: Cn u pls remove this word verification :P U moderate comments anyways na :)

Smitha said...

Aww, the poor darling!

Mamma, why are you torturing him like this :)

Did he get his book in the evening ?

Aryan-Arjun said...

Shilpa Akka— Chocs and ballons sounds interesting...will try next time..

Swaram Akka—Thanks...I still fear that school bus would hit dogs. Evening mamma asked, did it hit dog, I said, it was about to hit, but then the dog flew away!!!!!

Smitha akka—My mamma has a habit to torture me I guess...ya..evening she got Pipkin rabbit book!!!

kanagu said...

you are so caring Aryan :) :) nice...

anyway I used to get beatings not books from my mom if I refused to go to school.. lol!!! :)

And keep a distance from Swaram akka.. see you are also posting day 1, day 2.... lol :) :)

K3 said...

AM: Aryan is a smart, peceptive kid, he might truly be scared by the ride .... I would also spend some time talking to him and making sure he feels safe. Talk to the bus driver too, if he is decent fella he should understand. Just a thought.

Aryu, so which book did you get?

Tan said...

Are you really 3 years old? Or its your Mom who is posting on your behalf?

I have no idea.
But will like to know.

Thanks to your mom for the comment on my Post. Keep writing and keep visiting my blog.

Interesting!! :)

Aryan-Arjun said...

kangu anna—Soon my mamma would switch over to beatings I guess

K3 Mamma—I am so happy that you understood my plight. My mamma talked to me about it. Hope the driver drives slow in future...I got a book of Pipkin Rabbit series, where a little rabbit bonds with his grandma and grandpa and helps them in daily chores...

Tan—oh yes, I am going to be 4 yrs in august. But my mamma is posting on my behalf...!!!! It will take some more yrs for me to post on my own I guess...Welcome to my blog ..

ambulisamma said...

First time in your blog and am loving it.Will be regular.

Aryan-Arjun said...

Welcome to my blog Ambulisamma...