Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Award Time

Uma Aunty gave this award to me. I guess she got impressed by my looks…thank you thank you.

Now passing this award to newly discovered blogging friends. Here, I give this to all lively and interesting blogs that I've newly discovered.

Smitha Aunty
Lost world Akka (she has already got it)
Nova Akka
Shruthi Aunty
Shruthi Aunty 2 (Lil’P)
Pixie Akka
Meira Akka
BDA, you have become my old friend, but still this award holds true for you.

NOTE: These days my mom is very lazy and forgetful. She forgets to trim my nails. Yesterday I pierced her and she understood the importance of trimming my nails. Why Moms don’t have memory backup?? Now, if she has forgotten to pass this award to any new blogger friends, believe me I am innocent in this.


Unknown said...

Wow!! Thanks aryan.. n aryan's mom.. a BIGGGGG kissie from my side to u...

Anonymous said...

Lolzzz!! Adorable you are! :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the award!

*bows down to the little one*


Shruthi said...

aww thank you! yippie for winning the award :D

and Thank you so so much for passing it on to me, Aryan and Aryan's mom :)

Pixie said...

Wow! Thanks Aryan! :) :)

hugs and Ummas from Pixie akka to you sweetie! :) :)

lostworld said...

:) That made my day & has me beaming !!! Akka loves it.

Thanks Aryan! Thanks Aryan's mommy!

Hugs :)

Meira said...

1) You called me akka and not aunty. Hugs to you :)
2) Lovely award. Thank you soooo much
3) Your mom is a darling. WIll you tell her that for me ?:)

Take care Aryan

Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks everybody for the luv and kisses...all of you are really rocking...unlike my MOm, who is strict. I sometimes wish i should migrate to Swaram aunty's house only.....

Anyways, no one can stop me from giving this to all of you....

Smitha said...

Congratulations Aryan!

Thank you so much, for passing this award to me too :)

Hugs and ummas for you!

Swati said...

Congratulations and celebrations !

Swaram said...

Congrats dear n thanks :)

But, hw come Pix n Meira r Akka n me aunty :( Sob sob :(

Did Mamma trim ur nails :P

Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks Smith Aunty, Swathi Aunty and Swaram Akka!!!
swaram Akka happy? well your name is BDA, I expand it as Blue Dress Akka...

家出 said...