Monday, January 21, 2008

My Favorite Song

Nowadays, whenever I hear some good songs in the TV, I dance to its tune. I got bored of listening to Nursery Rhymes.

I particularly like one song, the best. My Mom said it is from the movie JAB WE MEET. What is a movie?? God knows, but that song is the best.
It starts like YE ISHQ LAYAI..OH RAMA

I am crazy about this song. Whenever I see this song in the TV, I dance. After it is finished, I say BA BA..but that song never comes again. I really get angry sometimes and start squirming in the floor. Once I started crying because I was sad that the song did not come.

My Mom said “ Aryan, the Akka, who is dancing in the song, has gone to sleep. Akka Jo Jo pannara. Poor Akka, she should also sleep right???”

But still I was not convinced by this answer but I stopped crying and saying BA Baa..I was very sad.

Then my Mom took me near to the computer, kept the headphone in my head and played that song from the computer. Even though I could not see that Akka dancing in that song, but I could hear it.( Mom told AKKA did not come because she was SLEEPING) I was so happy so happy and was engrossed in the song. I started clapping my hands also. I listened to that song for five times. My Mom was surprised that the song made me sit in one place for 25 minutes.
After all, why is my Mom blaming me for listening to songs? When I was in her stomach, she used to listen to songs always and that too repeat the same song for so many times. Poor me!!!! I used to be bored in her stomach listening to the same old song repeatedly.

But the song from JAB WE MEET movie has made me crazy.

Whenever I am cranky, My Mom sings that song and tries to dance like that song Akka. Seeing this, I stop crying and I dance with her. Hehee..I feel very happy.

However, one question.

Mommy friends, is my Mom trying to use that song as a tool to stop my crankiness???


Anonymous said...

Hi Aaru,

I would like to dance with you for that song dear.


Swati said...

Forget what mom is doing ..enjoy what you like dear:-)

BTW...Chubby Aryan also loves to dance at all kinds of music. You just say "dancy dancy" and he shakes his shoulders on the tunes :-)

rayshma said...

oh aryan, i love the song too :)) i've been trying to download it, but haven't been as lucky as ur mom :)
and heyy... have fun while the music lasts! :)

K 3 said...

No my dear Aryan, your mom is helping you appreciate music - who knows you could turn into the next AR Rehman ...

My little Kutie loves any song with a good beat. He already has an affinity to 5-6 songs, and every time it comes up (in the car, or on the computer) he stops what he is doing, gives us a big smile and starts to move his butt, shaking his body to the rhythm. Its just wonderful!

Preethi said...

hehe... cute post Aryan... you enjoy your song!!! And make mommy sing till she is hoarse!!

Anonymous said...

Oh mummy is just trying to make you happy dear - getting you to sit for 25min is just a side-effect !!

Wunderyearz said...

Another thing in common between you and Jelly.She also loves this song.Even though she cannot stand for long on her own she manages to stand up and shake her butt to this song and many more peppy numbers like this.

Opal Scraps said...

hehe. Hiba loves hat dance number from that movie "mauja hi mauja". and she dances like crazy on dard-e-disco! god! kids these days i tell you...

Aryan-Arjun said...

Periyamma—Come here soon..

Swathi Mommy—Hugs to my friend, chubby Aryan.

Rayshama Akka—Mom was saying you can download from Music India online. Ahh what is it??/

K3 mommy —Oh no I love to shake my butt with little kutie ..

Preethi Mommy—Ahh..and I will make that akka dance till she falls asleep. Right?

2b's mom—thank you 2b's mom..I loved it..

Wunderyears mommy—I need to meet jelly soon and practice for a group dance!!!

Opal Scraps said...

thanks for visiting my blog and the comment. Hiba is 1 year 9 months old now. You have some really nice posts. i am adding you to my blog roll. :-).

Aryan-Arjun said...

The e- homemaker Mommy—Thanks for visiting my space. Dard-de disco is also a good song for me to dance..