Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Little Chef and his Team

There is team building activity happening between me and my Chella patti in my household.
Everyday my Chella patti asks my Mom,

“What do you want for breakfast?”

My Mom replies, “Anything that you make.”

Then the team members, me and my Chella patti, go inside the kitchen and start making dosa. My Chella patti takes me in one hand and then with the other hand she makes dosa. I love to watch the sound that comes when dosa is made. Sssooo..sssooo. I mimic this sound Sssooo sssooooo. Teaming up with Chella patti and making dosa is my latest craze.

Today my Chella patti asked my Mom” What do you want for breakfast?”
My Mom replied, “Oh no, not dosa again. I have been eating dosa for three days”

Then as usual we, the team marched inside the kitchen. I started making ssooo sssoo noise and was pointing towards dosa tava…
And my chella pati ended up making dosa and my Mom ended up eating it.
Hehehe…What a good partner I have in my team!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Aaru,

Good leadership skills dear...keep it up...


Timepass said...

Hahaha, LOL. Aryan, u are too good..

Preethi said...

Too cute Aryan. can we meet??

Anonymous said...

hehehe. YOu know Aryan, I made dosa yesterday and it wasn't that good. But from your sssooo, sssoooo sound I can imagine how tasty yours must be ! Since you have been helping your aunt make dosas, can you please pass on the recipe to me? pretty please Aryan !

Pixie said...

Aryan - you are too cute! :-)

Aryan-Arjun said...

Periyamma and Timepass Akka —Thank you very much.

Preeti Mommy—Yes, I would love to meet you and Nathu..Will you make dosa for me???

2b's mommy—I will tell my Mom to mail the recipe to you..My sssooo sound adds tastes to the dosa

Pixie Akka—Thank you

Swati said...

Haahhahah...Hilarious. Even Aryan loves to see me cooking :)