Sunday, January 13, 2008


Whenever I want to call someone or something near to me, I show signals with my hand and say “Ba Ba”. My Mom says, “Aryan VA Va and I go near to her.” But, I cannot pronounce “Va. Va”, I can only say “Ba..Ba”. (I am damn sure, when my Nagpur Grandma comes, she will be confused to see me talking in Tamil. Infact “Ba..Ba.” in Marathi means Papa. Ahh I am already confused..Ok that is another never-ending story…)

So, I shake my hand towards my Mom and say Ba..Ba, My mom comes near to me.

I shake my hand towards my Chella Patti and say Ba..Ba, My Chella pati comes near me.

Sometime, when I shake my hand towards crows and say Ba..Ba, the crows also fly away.

But when I shake my hand towards a CAR toy that is under the sofa and say BA..BA, it doesn’t come near to me!! How can I go under the sofa and take the CAR toy. Why the CAR doesn’t come towards me?

Yesterday I tried calling the CAR many a times and it did not come, I got very angry and I threw the other CAR that was in my hand. My Mom was angry at this behavior and she rolled her eyes. I get scared when I see her angry face. I started crying and she ignored and went away. Later she took the CAR, which was below the sofa, and gave it to me. She made me pick the CAR that I threw. She said that I should not throw any toy because it will break. She also told me that she would get me a remote CAR. If I press the button, the CAR will come near to me. Can I get a remote Mom so that I will always press the button and she will be always near to me?


Swati said... are too smart for your age dear. You know you already have a remote can use crying as a remote for mom ;-) Your friend already does that :D

Timepass said...

Hmmm..Even I also want a remote mom (not just mom, everyone around me)

Wunderyearz said...

Wow Aryan!!!!!!

That's a great idea to have a mom with a remote control when you find it do let me know I've got to get one too ;-)

Anonymous said...

You will have lots of fun with remote controlled car. Why do you need a remote control for your mom? You little things are too smart- you wrap your moms around your little fingers from day one !! I can imagine you calling that car stuck under the sofa - cute, cute, cute!!

mummyjaan said...

You don't need a remote control for your Mum, Aryan :). Your poor Mum is already totally under your control. You kids! You're much much smarter than we 'Mums' even realize.

rayshma said...

lol! u're a very smart kid, aryan!
u just have to figure out the right buttons to call ur mom, sweetie! puppy faces, crying, smiling... am sure some or even all of them might work :)

Preethi said...

sooo cute!!!!! reminds me of Nantu when he was 10 months old.. He also loved to say baa... to everything.. One day we were at a store and Nantu saw a giant Pooh.. Like the small Pooh he had at home.. He was very fond of "Poo" .. So at the store he said Baa.. to Poo.. Poo wouldnt come and daddy started to walk away with Nantu.. So Nantu screamt... Baaa... Baaaa... Poooo .. Baaaa.. frantically... waving his arms as well... that was very entertaining for everyone in the store, me included.. But Nantu din't enjoy it.. Poo Baaa.. he cried till we gave him another toy and took him back to the car!!

Pixie said...

LOL!!! you are very smart Aryan!!
The remote controlled car sounds like great fun though!!

Aryan-Arjun said...

Swathi mommy—Crying is my born tool. But I forgot that it can be used as remote..thank you for giving me that idea.

Timepass Akka—I will give you once I get it..

wunderyearz mommy—I will give it to jelly..She needs some training from my end..

2 B's mom—You are very true about my Mom in my fingers...I am eager to play with remote control car.

Mummyjaan mommy—I missed you a lot. Welcome back..Nowadays you are learning lot from Apya???/

Rayshma Akka—Crying works the best

Preethi Mommy—Have to learn lot from Nanthu anna..

Pixie Akka—I will put the photo when I get it. MY mom has to get it soon..

Anonymous said...

Oh Sweet AAru....Ask mom to get the remote car ASAP dear...