Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Making Round Round and Round…

By 13 months of my life, I have different names….
Aaru, Apple, Aryan, Bambboo, Chiku, Kannanukutti, Kuttivalu, Krishna, and Ganesha…..

The last two names resembles God’s name right? She calls me Krishna because she says I am like him. Why Ganesha!!!! Oh, yes I was born on Vinayaka Chathurthi day. Thus Mom says my ears are also like an elephant. Do you guys feel like that…

Anyway now that I am Ganesha I thought I will do some of his pranks..

Oops, I forgot to tell you something..I started walking alone…Thanks to all the readers who wished and encouraged me to walk…….Thanks Noon and Anonymous…

So, back to Ganesha story. Yesterday when I was about to sleep, my Mom told me a story of Ganesha and Karthikean….A story about them fighting for a Mango. The clause is, Whoever makes three rounds of the universe will get the mango. Karthikean sets out with his peacock, but atlast Ganesha gets the mango because he makes three rounds of his parents instead of the universe. He thinks that his parents are his universe..
For me also the idea is the same. My Mom is my universe……

So today morning as soon as my Mom sat down to drink tea, I started chuttifying (Making round) her. I was thinking she would give me mango…But she gave me biscuit!!!!

She was very pleased to see me making round and round and round….she hugged me…and kissed me.

First of all for the past two days she is very happy because I am walking alone now…..
But MOmmmy..oh Mommmy….wait and watch till I walk and run and discover all the little things in our house.
I will make you go berserk…Hehheheheheh

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Swaram said...

He really did that!!!! Cho chweeeeet :)