Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I love you Mamma…

When my Mom is at home, I make it a point that I don’t leave her alone. Even if she is in the bathroom, I will wait outside just to make sure that she doesn’t fool me and go to office.

One fine day when my Mom was at home she was telling that she is going to make dosa.
The outcome—I have to be with Papa in the living room. OK, I agreed. I was with papa for few minutes, and after sometime when I missed my mom I walked and went to kitchen. Again my Mom dropped me in the living room and started making dosa…(Why she has to make all such things. Why can’t she eat whatever grandma makes?) This time I slowly followed her holding her dress. She took me in her hand and made me sit in the kitchen granite slab.

Ahh….. I got to see lot of things. Small colorful bottles and boxes. I was all excited. I tried to pull one by one and my Mom was telling me not to do. She became angry and dropped me back in the living room.
Now I was sure that my Mom is angry. How can I please her? Idea!!! I went to kitchen again smiled at her, went near to her, and I thought will give her one puppy on her cheeks.
But before even I could give her my sweet puppy, she became really angry.

She was telling me that “You don’t give me any personal space, you are always behind me, I have to cook, you don’t sleep during day also, this is not the way. Be with your papa or grandma….and go..”

My grandma was also in consensus with my Mom’s statement. Thus after this episode my grandma makes sure that I am little away from my Mom. She takes me away often and tells my Mom that kids should know to be independent and alone.

Readers help me; Did I grow big enough to be away…?.


Anonymous said...

Mama also loves your dear. But you should be a good boy. Should not be cranky always.

Aryan-Arjun said...

Papa, If I am cranky will Mama stop loving me?