Tuesday, October 23, 2007


My Mom and my Father took me an exhibition yesterday. When I heard exhibition (a tongue twister word for me at least), I thought it should be somewhat similar to a temple or a hospital. (These are the two places I go most of the time) But this was totally different!!!! For the first time in 13 months I am seeing an exhibition, lots of people and kids like me with their parents. It was such a happy place.

I saw lots and lots of serial lights at the entrance. It was more than the one we have in our house.
We went inside. Mama was holding me in her hand. I signaled her to put me down so that I can walk all alone. Mama was skeptical because of the crowd, but I squirmed like a worm and managed to get down from my Mama’s hand. But still she was holding one of my hands and she was not ready to give me a chance to be alone and explore the exhibition. You know what, “sometimes we need personal space right”. (Refer to my Mom’s word in the previous post “I love you Mama”).

We went inside some place. Papa called it a Toy shop. I was tempted to pull everything in my vicinity and play with it. By now, my Mom took me in her hands and showed me few toys. I liked the Blue Bus the best, but did not show as much excitement as I showed towards the Animal toy. Thus my Mama got me the Animal toy.

It had the following animal dolls:
A Giraffe
A Lion
A Black Bear
A Dear
A Leopard.

I had seen all these toys in my animal book. Now I can lift the animals in my hands and play with it.

Then we saw something strange. Papa called it a Giant Wheel. Mamma was all excited to see that and she left me with Papa and went and sat on it. I was just staring at Mamma and suddenly she disappeared. Then again she appeared. In-between Papa showed his hand up and told Mamma is up. How come? Mamma is not a crow to be in the sky?

I was all confused. Anyway after sometime she came and I was little angry for leaving me alone with Papa. Then she said she will make me sit in the Cartoon wheel (Was not like Giant wheel). She made me sit on a duck and was rotating me. I enjoyed it…

Then Papa got Cotton Candy. It was different from the cotton that Mamma used to light lamp.

Then Papa got me a mobile phone. But it made some odd noise!!!!

After some time I felt sleepy we went home.

So the moral of the story is:
Exhibitions are different from temple and hospital
You can get Animal toy when you go to an exhibition.


Anonymous said...

Hello Aryan,

You are looking very happy and excited dear. Ask your mamma to take to more places.

mummyjaan said...

Cool, Aryan. Am I mistaken or do you and your nice Mum live in Hyderabad? What exhibition is going on there at this time?

Ask your Mum and tell me, little friend :-)

Aryan-Arjun said...

Hi Mummyjaan,

I was in a place called Bangalore before and now I moved to Hyderabad. I also wrote about moving to Hyderabad....in August. Can you come to my house with my team mate?

When I asked my Mom about where the exhibition is: She says" My dear little boy, tell you mummyjaan friend that it is in Hitex (Near to Madhapur it seems). But Mummyjaan, what is Hitex? Is it a new place like Hyderabad? But we didn't travel in kingfisher Airlines to reach their. We went by auto..

Anonymous said...

Hi Aryan,

When are you going to come to mumbai to meet me.

Aryan-Arjun said...

Hi SVD(My sweet periamma)

My mama has to take me to Mumbai. She said she will do it soon...How soon? She should only know.
Can I come by myself in an Auto?

mnamma said...

Looks like Aryan had a good time at the exhibition! He is such a brave boy to sit all by himself on the carousel :)

Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks Mnamma..I am brave. I get scared only when I see doggies fighting with each other.