Monday, October 1, 2007

Decorating me, is it a time pass????

The other day Mom was very excited…the reason unknown!!

She came home early from office. She had a few stuffs in her hand. I jumped to her with joy and she said , “Aaru today is Krishna Jayanthi. So I am going to dress you like god Krishnan”.

In fact Lord Krishna is my little friend. Everyday when Mama lights the lamp I see him sitting inside our temple. I love to hear his songs when I am sleepy. My Mom calls me little Krishna. Is that the reason she was planning to dress me like that?

1. Anyway she started first with my HAIR—She was trying to put some flowers on it.
My response—Did not allow to do so. I got irritated.

2. Then she started with my FACE AND BODY—She was applying some yellow cold stuff on me and called it chandanam!!!!
My response—Was blant and I was trying to rub it.

3. Then she started with DRESS—She tied a cloth along my waist and called it Dhoti.
My response—I was extremely annoyed, as I was feeling odd without my shirt.

4. Then she started with JEWELS—She took her pearl set (I don’t know what it was, some white round stuff) and was trying to put it around my neck..
My response—I was in limbo. What is mamma doing to me?. Dressing me like lord Krishnan?

5. At last she dipped my legs in rice flour mixed with water and made me walk all through the house. I slipped many times but she held me tightly…

But by the time the whole drama was over. I was cranky at my peak…
Aryan was no longer Aryan. I was an angry Krishnan…. And I started crying and shouting… throwing all the stuff..

Here is a snapshot. Its me and me…looking like a cute Krishna…..right…but mamma….where is the stick that Krishna holds on his hands ?????


noon said...

Lord Krishnan turning into angry Krishnan - cute! :)
Cute pic! Good job. You should have put one Krishanr kondai also! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks noon..Krishnan kondai was not possible because I was cranky