Monday, April 7, 2014

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The very hungry caterpillar is so much into my head that I try mock him at every instance.

The other day when I went to Trivandrum, I literally snatched this caterpillar soft toy from Navya. Navya is my periamma’s kid and she is 6 months younger to me!! My mom scolded me for doing it but my periamma is so nice that she shared it with me and now I have it at my house.

One secret about my caterpillar is that; it is a special one which has the capacity to store different types of food in its different chamber of its stomach.

Look at the picture, the first chamber is blue and it has blue berry in it, the red one is filled with apple, the third green one with watermelon (or grapes..still confused) and the yellow one with banana……..

Based on my mood, I keep changing the food it has in its chamber, but the color of the food would match the Caatu’s (my nick name for the caterpillar) stomach color.

Now my question to mamma is: I eat different types of fruits and food, but why my stomach is not multi-colored?

Anyway nowadays my mamma is too bored or lazy to cook new answers for me and hence, I go with my answer that, if my stomach is multicolored then I will not look beautiful (handsome?)

What do you say guys?
So many stuffs to write and my mom is lazy to pen it down.

1. We moved to a new house

2. My mom put me in a school that is different from Dada’s

3. Dada got enrolled for dance classes….(Yaar… should see his face when my mom forces all different stuffs on him and preach to do anything till perfection..blah blah blah…) Thank god she has spared me!!

4. My PTM was good; Sameena madam felt sad parting me.

5. For me going to temple means eating yummy yummy prasad.. Me and Dada go to the Hanuman temple every day just for prasad.

6. Talking about temple, yes I remembered a Thulabharam that was done at Attukal temple when I went to Trivandrum. That was a nice experience. Here a picture after the Thulabaram..

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