Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mom With Her Friends

Today being Rama navami, my Mom came home in the afternoon with her friends. We had pooja in our community. I enjoyed conversing with my Mom’s friends, but was sad about my mom going back to office again.

Here is what I feel…

When you came, I was glad
I waved my hand like a good lad
You came with your friends “A and V”
And all of us were in merry…
The time was sweet and beautiful as cherry..

The caterpillar conversation mused your friends
And ofcourse Aryan was busy with his own trends.

Lunch time it was and you fed me food
The food that I rejoiced as much as I could
I chummed with your friends…and bundled their hearts
With my funny ascent and comic talks

But why did you leave me and go like a fiend
Did I miss being good and kind?

As I asked you earlier today,
“What O’Clock you will come each day?”
Come home soon
Come home soon
Before I succumb and see the moon.


arch said...

Oh this is very very cute !!

Swaram said...

Awww :)