Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Aryan-Growing as a Dada

Not sure what to say friends, now that I am in 1St grade

•I feel like playing always, but my Mom bugs me to study.
•I bring all my friends and order my Mom to make Dosa for them, sometimes she does. Sometimes not. It is topsy-turvydom when all my friends barge in the house.
•I tend to run away from doing homework….and Mom tends to chase me with some funny logic and makes me do the homework.
•I like to role play a super hero.

Those who know me till now, will find this not “ARYAN TYPEs”. People change you know!!!!!
The other day, we went to TH for Berenstain bear treasure hunt. It was a family program; me and my Mom could make it. It was fun and I made a yummy veg sandwich for her. This is Aryan Type probably.

Another change in me is about the love that crops now and then. Don’t misunderstand me folks, I am talking about the love towards Arjun..not towards “N” from my school!!
I love him so much. If he does anything wrong and if I sense that my Mom will scold him, I already go and tell his pranks to reduce her anger.

The other day, he forgot to pee in the rest room. He did it on my Mom’s cot. My Mom has a big stick by which she pats/beats Arjun and scares him. When she saw this, she came with that stick. I ran near to her and said, Mom it is water not pee…

Both of us got one little whack, me for lying and he for not peeing in the restroom!!!:-)

He talks more now. Few words like Eetatata (elephant), aipappa (air-plane), abba (Amma) , touchy baba (Sai Baba), shaaka (Saranya Akka, my neightbor) are his default words.

Talking about Shaaka, she is my favorite neighbor. Me and Arjun loves to play with her. Everyday Arjun needs to meet her once and spend some time with her. If Arjun gets to eat anything interesting, he tends to give her. Anyway Shakka is his best friend.

Another point to ponder is about his ability to grasp and react to a circumstance.

If my Mom goes to pooja room, he will go behind her and pour oil in the lamp. He shouts fire fire…

If my Mom scolds him, he will come and hug me crying Dada Dada..and pointing fingers on her.

If my Mom plays with him for a long time, he gets so excited and hugs her so tightly.

When my Mom goes to office, he needs to go out with Baba. Baba bribes him with Gems.

He understands, Marati, Tamil, Hindi, and English. Even if my Mom says something to me he listens. When she says; Aryan go for bath, he would remove his cloths and be at the Bathroom door, waiting for me. Aryan come here, he would be invariably there near to her. Aryan bring my mobile, he would run and get it for her.

Well, it is good now for me. I have him as my assistant.

He loves my pappa lot and always tries to stick with him after he comes from office. (Not my type, you know..I am still a Mamma boy)

He knows and recognizes, almost all animals, fruits, vehicles though he gets confused with colors. His fav rhyme is: My Red Balllon and Johnny Johnny..Silly Rhymes!!! Sometimes I see him making some odd noises and running here and there. He feels himself a Lion I think. Funny fellow.

He knows to say Thank you and sorry. But keeps saying it every time. I need to train him a lot now.

Oh so much to do at this age!!!!!! Whatever, I enjoy being a big BRO…


Swaram said...

Awwww I miss meeting the darlings :( hw hv u been S?

Raghu J said...

Nice blog, will follow it

Raghu J said...

Nice reading.

Little Finger said...

Oh Big Hugs to the Big Brother. Reading abt him after long time..

noon said...

Wow - first grade?!!! Big boy!
And your brother is also grown up now! Take good care of him and help your mom OK?!