Sunday, September 26, 2010


Aryan: What noise? Water flowing somewhere?

Pappa: No, it is baby’s heartbeat.

Aryan: ok.

Pappa: Do you want to say anything to baby?

Aryan: Baby, you be there in mamma’s tummy. Don’t come out!!!

Pappa: Will this be a boy or girl?

Mamma: Aryan what do you think?

Aryan: Once it comes out we will know it mamma. You wait till then!!!!
Mamma: Will you play with the baby after it is born.

Aryan: What do you mean by “Born”.

Mamma: Ok, after it comes out of my tummy?

Aryan: No I will not play. I will throw it in the trash bin!!
Mamma was very angry with me today morning. I was also equally angry with her. We both fought with each other and decided not to talk.

Aryan (in a crying tone): Wait, till my brother comes from your tummy. I will tell him to punch you!!!!

Mamma (smiling): Aryan, you are a big boy. You don’t need to seek his help; instead you should be dependent on your own. And moreover, what is this. You are teaching him to hurt others?

Aryan: But mamma, how can I punch you. You are my sweet mamma. I will tell him to punch you.

Mamma doesn’t know what to reply.


Swati said...

Wow..good news come I did not know :(

Happy baby making Aryan Mumma and very sweet conversations ..loved the last one :)

Swaram said...

ROFL. Look @ that. He luvs u so much :) What an agreement there :P

Smitha said...

Congratulations Aryan and Aryan's mom :) What fun conversations :)

Aryan-Arjun said...

Swati mommy—Thanks..Hope I adjust to this new arrival.

Swaram akka—I need to make such agreements, so that I get used to the changes that will happen in coming months...

Smitha Mommy—Thanks a lot. Another 1.5 months to go...

kanagu said...

last one - proud mamma's moment :) :)

Lavanya Seetharaman said...

Wow, what a good news !!! Congratulations AM..Whens the baby due ?

Timepass said...

congrats aryan and family... how come aryan did not let out this news so far???

Aryan-Arjun said...

Kanagu anna—Yes, my Mamma was in cloud nine...

Kavya's Mom—Thanks a lot. Baby is due in November 1st week.

Punch's Mamma—Thanks...Infact, I am just now getting a hang of the fact that a baby is in my mamma's tummy...

Jyoti Dhamija said...

Hi Subha

Looks like Aryan got his argumentation-skills from you :-)
He argues well..Keep posting...

Deeps said...

Awww...Aryan will soon have a sibling..sho shweet! Congratulations and Good luck to him and the proud Mom & Dad :)

Aryan's Mom, you take care :)

Anonymous said...

Wow super cool news.
Atlast Aryan is finding some company.
Congratulations to you and take care.Just only a month more,then you will be a full house mom.
Loved the last one,very nice.


Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks Jyoti. How is Aarushi?- Subha

Deeps Aunty—Thanks a mamma is tensed about me getting adjusted to a new member...

Ambulisamma—Thnaks a lot. I will be taking off 10-20 days before. Hence next week also plannign to go...So far so good..Let us see- Subha