Monday, August 24, 2009

Rainbow Hotel Vs Rainbow Hospital

“It is rainbow hotel papa, not rainbow hospital.” that is what my mamma told me.
Fever season for Aryan now. Every August I get fever, this is the second consecutive year I guess…They took me to rainbow hotel and I was staying there for three days…believe me it is all so boring to be in hotel.

I was totally scared.

Green dress Akka will come any time and pierce my hand, she willl give Crocin, she will give tepid sponging, she will keep some apparatus in my nose…ahhh. Once I was so irrigated and I simply bad mouthed her as “MONKEY”.
My mom said I should not say such things, but they have exceeded the limits of torturing me…..

Now never again, I will tell my mamma to take me to Hotel, I guess hospitals are better…do you think so?


Swaram said...

Oh God :( Aryan is nt well :(
Hw is he dng nw? Hope its all better!

God bless n hope he is bk to normal soon :)

We shud meet up sometime Aryan. Aunty wants to c u :)

Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks Swaram auntie...I am well now. I started going to school..Thank god, I got dicharged from the hotel last week...

yes, even i wanted to meet you. mama said you are so beautiful...hmm..give me also darshan please...will figure out how we can meet...

Swaram said...

Nice to know u r bk to school :)

Ur Mama is very sweet n so she says that :)

Pls do figure out n tell me. I so wanted to invite u for the festival but somehow missed it! Shud hv mailed u atleast :)

Aryan-Arjun said...

Hey Swaram Auntie..Let us do it now..
My Mama's email ID is :
If you can send her an email (I don't know how to so that, i hope you know) let us exchange phone numbers and then let us fix a time to meet...

Swati said...

Ohh..he was admitted :O How is he now ? Hope he is fine ??

Indian in NZ said...

Oh no ! I hope you get well soon.

Take care sweetheart

Lots of love and kisses