Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mama when will you come?

“Aryan, come-on get up fast. We are getting late.” That was my mama yelling at me. Does she know how good it is to get up from bed without hearing this yell every day??? She doesn’t!!!!

Before I was enrolled to school, I was an early bird. I used to get up at 6 A.M and used to wake my mama by yelling at her “Mama get up fast, sun came”.
Now she has taken the role of yelling at me. Vicissitudes of life!!!! And see how much a 3 yr old (almost) boy needs to be like a robot even when he is in his somnolence.

Then I somehow brush my teeth (Otherwise worms will lease my teeth), take bath (Otherwise I will be dirty), eat food (otherwise I will have no shakti) and wear dress….This wearing dress is the saddest part. I am a simple boy who likes to wear a simple plain- full hand shirt (Without any tag in the collar that irritates me) and pant (without zip and with facility for wearing belt), while my mama wants me to wear a jazzy T-shirt and jeans pant (Man that is so tight and heavy) I am a simple boy, who like to wear a paragon slippers, while my Mama wants me to wear a Lilliput sandal……..

Ok…leave all those drama. The point is; I can decide whether I want coffee or tea (not milk or boost), whether I want dosa or magi, whether I want t-shirt or shirt, whether I want stitched pant or jeans pant, whether I want to go to a botanical park in Kondapur (Just to see three ducks) or whether I want to go to a mall and enjoy the escalator, whether I want gems or ice-cream, whether I want to be a Spiderman or Superman man!!!!

Today when she picked me from my school;

Complaint number 1: Aryan is so obedient, he accepts whatever we give, if we will tell him to sit he sits, if we tell him to stand he stands and if we tell him to eat he eats. He simply cannot refuse any orders and he is many times indecisive selecting his Montessori equipment. Aryan’s Mama, do you scold him or is he really scared? Many kids take advantage of his nature and he is not able to save himself from others….Please Aryan’s mom, he is a child, give him choices, don’t say good/bad or right/wrong. Just use abstract words like happy/sad. You need to constantly make this effort.

Complaint number 2: When Mama will come? This is the same message that comes out of my mouth after every one hour. Is this recorded? No way, I am constantly thinking when Mama will come to pick me. So after school, I simple eat food fast, sleep fast, get up and eat snacks fast, drink tea and wait for Mama. After I drink tea, usually my Mama comes… why can’t I drink it early??? One day my Caretaker said, Aryan you run and play rather than waiting for your Mama, otherwise I will take you to my home. Bad idea, didn’t like it at all. I suddenly ran here and there and told” See I am running and playing. Now fine?” After this I went and sat in the Turtle (I can get a good view of the main gate from Turtle. I have named it Tangam, the Turtle) and continued my waiting…..

Mama came and we went home.
The battle continues:
Aryan: “Mama, make filter coffee for me”
Mama: “Aryan why are your ordering me, Aryan??? Why can’t you say, Mama can you please make Filter coffee for me?”


Swaram said...

awww u r such a sweet boy Aryan!

So, we r nt supposed to be obedient then ;)

Njoy ur school time dear.. Mamma will finish her work n catch u soon :)

When will u come to meet Aunty :)

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

This is the way it has been with Mommas for a long time. (I never asked my kids to be obedient, though. I gave them reasons for requests and rules, and if they gave me better reasons for infractions, they won! It worked. They are grown, mature, and happy.)