Monday, August 10, 2009

Mama Story

Aryan, you are not at all serious in anything. If I ask you to say alphabets, you laugh and run away, If I ask you to do some coloring, you play with the colors and throw them, If I ask you to stop giggling you continue to do that.........

……hey friends you guessed it right. It is my Mama lecturing at me.

What is her problem in life? If I am too much obedient she is having problem, if I am too much liberal and jovial she is having problem. Oh god, do we have all moms configured in this way?

The other day papa cooked up a story for me. The story of” Mama falling in a river”. Here goes the story:

One day my Mom was standing near the river, suddenly she fell down in the river. Then out of river, god came and asked me.

Aryan, is this your mama? God was showing me a woman, whose name was KK (Kareena kapoor). I said No.

Aryan, is this your Mama? This time the god was showing me a woman, whose name was again KK (Katrina Kaif). I said No.

Aryan, is this your Mama? This time god showed me my Mama, wearing her blue nighty. I said Yes. I ran and hugged her it seems.

For my Honesty god gave me all the three mama’s …ahh what a bad story. God is planning to give me three mama’s where I am not able to with manage one. And moreover, whatever said and done, deep in my heart, I just like this blue nighty Mama.

I hope this story never comes true… even my Mama is wishing the same. (Why is she wishing this?).
Moral of the story: Mama should not stand in the bank of any river.


Swaram said...

ROFL :D U r so cute Aryan :)

Mamma will say such things nw! After a few yrs, she will hv to tell u to leave those books n spend some time with her! Njoy it while it lasts ;)

U reminded me of my childhood nw! The story of that woodcutter n the axe! LOL @ 3 Mammas .. some nice imagination that ;)

Preethi said...

Aryan you sure you don't want Kaity mama?? :P

Swati said... at the story..good that u r mom is more than enough yaar!