Sunday, March 2, 2008

I dance like Peacock

Trivandrum is a nice place for trees and birds. Opposite to my house there is a big tree…Very big tree. Mom calls it banyan tree. Everyday morning I used to come out of the house and look at that tree. I could see lots and lots of birds. I saw almost all the birds from my Bird board book. I saw
Hoopoe and some more birds that I couldn’t recognize..

I was very excited to see canary. It was very bright….
But oh god where is Peacock? My favorite bird!!! I couldn’t see peacock in the banyan tree!
Later on my Mom and my Chella patti took me to a near by Murugan temple. My Mom told that peacock is the mode of transportation for Murugan Swami…
There in a cage I saw two peacocks. One was swinging in the swing and the other was lying down. When my Mom said Muruga Muruga, it stretched its wings and I saw the peacock feather. I was all excited to see the peacock feather and my grandpa got some peacock features for me…My Mom tickles me with that and I enjoy it the most…

Ok back to the story…so now when you say Muruga Muruga to me…I stretch my hands and flap them. Just trying to imitate the peacock that I saw in the temple. However, I don’t have feathers like the real peacock!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh AAru,

The peacocks look beautiful with their feathers, but my sweet little aaru imitating the peacock is equally beautiful though feathers are not there.


Timepass said...

Muruga Muruga.. ( Is Aryan imitating the peacock now??)

Wunderyearz said...

Hey Aryan
Why not stick some of the feathers your grandpa gave you, on your body and then show it off ..........

Swati said...

wow Aryan many birds :O

We dont see any in Bangalore time take chubby aryan with you ..okay ??

Preethi said...

Haha.. Muruga Muruga... We saw a peacock dance at the Denver zoo once and loved it.. Hope you get to see that sweetheart!!

Indian in NZ said...

Ooooh I would love to see you dance like peacock - you are such a smart kid Aryan.

mummyjaan said...

Hey looks like you had a lot of fun :)! That's great. Do you know we have peacocks here in this cold, cold place too? That's right, somebody who has a house right next to the hospital has 3 - 4 peacocks as pets, and they sometimes wander into the hospital grounds. They're magnificent.

Why were the peacocks in the temple in a cage, dear? Are they not allowed to roam free?

mummyjaan said...

Oh, forgot to add, Aryan, the peacock is my favourite bird, too.

K 3 said...

WOW .. so many birds. I am sure Kutie will be jealous!

Preity Angel... said...

I saw the peocock dance as well and pretty enjoy that.

Nice blog


Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks My dear Periyamma...

Timepass Akka—Yes Yes..Can't you see me dancing...???

Wunderyearz mommy—Good Idea..Will do the tag soon..

Swathi Mommy and K3 mommy—Yes..I would love to have Chubby Aryan and Kutie with me. We will run behind these birds and try to catch them..
Preethi Mommy—Once When I come to visit Nanthu anna, I will tell my Mom to take me to denver zoo..

2 b's mommy—Your trip to Hyderabad is still pending..

Mummyjann—See we have many similar things..I wish the hospital that I go here has some peacocks roaming..So that i don't cry when i enter the hospital..

Angel Akka—Welcome to my blog...