Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Crazy 8 Tag for me

Crazy 8 Tag for me by Wunderyearz mommy..By now all my mommy friends know all about me….Still I thought I will take up the tag and do this. Yipee yipeee…
8 Things I am passionate about:
1. Giyaaf AKA Giraffe. That is my favorite animal. I have giraffe toy. One is very small; other one is mama giraffe and third one is of medium size. I hold the medium size giraffe and I need that toy whenever I go out of the house.....
2. Concrete mixer and Car—Equal Importance to both of them and Caa..Caa for both of them. I have some 20 car toys now. Thus now my Mom said she will no longer get car toys…
3. Flowers—plucking flowers and crushing it. My chella patti helps to pluck the Poos..
4. My Mom’s Night Dress—I love my Mom’s night dress. I hold it when my Mom is away and sleep with it.
5. Mom, Amma, Mamaa…..I am simply behind my Mom..holding her dress..and does not leave her alone I am with her whenever she is at home.
6. I love to play Uppu Chhakku (Salt Gunny bag) with my Mom.
7 . I love to play train train with my Chella patti…I love to play with her. She amuses me a lot.
8. I love to see my Chella patti making dosa..I say sooo sooo and see how she makes..Sometimes I try to imitate her.

8 Things I do that drives My Mom crazy:
1. Not allowing my Mom to even use the toilet when my Mom is back home from work . So she makes sure that she finishes her toilet needs in her office itself.
2. Making fuss for eating medicines.
3. When I try to explain something, My mom doesn’t understand. I cry and she becomes crazy.
4. I hate to take bath nowadays. I don’t know why, but my Mom gets angry for this reason.
5. I have to keep all my vehicle toys and animal toys in my bed and make them sleep before I sleep. I have a small concrete mixer, bull dozer, two buses and lot many cars. Thus there is no space for my Mom to sleep. She becomes angry and put those toys down after I sleep. The next morning I become angry because my toys are down.
6. When someone eats something, I extend my hands and ask Thaaa…Even to strangers I do that. Not that I want to eat what they are eating, I simply want to hold in my hand and crush it into pieces. My mom hates this habit. She has told me not to ask stangers.
7. I run behind cockroach and get hold of it.
8. I cry suddenly. When someone calls me a loud noise, I cry. I cannot even tolerate a little scolding…..or raised voice.

8 Things that I say often:
1. Mom and Ti(Calling Mom and my chella patti)
2. Thaaa(When I want to ask something to someone, I extend my hand and ask Thaaa..)
3. Papa
4. Kaaka(crow)
5. Kaa(Car)
6. Giyaff
7. Ohhhohh(when something disappears, something happens)
8. Eethu (Points towards a thing and asks what is it).

8 Books that I have read:
1. Vehicle Board book
2. Animal Board book
3. Number Board book
4. Vegetable Board book
5. Birds Board book
6. When Tiny was tiny book
7 Animals stories by Padma TV. I see the colorful pictures of peacocks and seahorses.
8. Big Alphabet board book. I love to see Igloo in it..and say igoo igooo…

8 songs that I listen to over and over:
1. Yeh Ishq ahai (Jab we meet)
2. Darde Disco (OSO)
3. Kaisai (OSO)
4. Om Shanthi OM (I dance raiseing my hand like SRK)
5. My Nursery rhymes.

8 Things that makes me the person I am:
1. I am introvert and shy to strangers. I cry when I see strangers. So an official stamp for me is that, “Aryan is a cry baby”. My Mom’s relatives ask my mom. “Does Aryan cry even now?” My mom says yes…
2. Loves to eat BINGO and Ice cream.
3. Very slow and very cautious. I will not rush for anything in hurry. I make sure that my Mom is with me.
4. Calm, but cries for funny things.
5. Switching on the computer, when my Mom is away. My grandma has to wonder how to switch it off.
6. Hates being carried or even touched by strangers. I simply show Tattaa and come inside my house.
7. Loves to cuddle and to be cuddled. I am loving this for the past one week.
8. Seeing animals in Discovery or Animal channels.

8 People I think should do this tag (Kids or Moms, whichever way you like to do it). I am tagging my kiddy friends. Mommy friends, if you like this tag, please take it up and do it.

Kutie Brother
Friend Chubby Aryan
Apya sister


Anonymous said...

Aaru kutty,

So many things about you dear..though i know all this is very intersting to read it together...

Lots of luv

Wunderyearz said...

Bingo and Ice cream hmmmmm got to know how to please your appetite.

We have relatives in Hyd whome we visited before i was preg.Not been able to come after
Jelly was born Have to make it up some time when she can also enjoy the trip.

Preethi said...

haha that is so cute!! Holding your mom's nightie that was so cute!!!

K 3 said...

You are such a good boy, already an avid reader ... way to go.

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

No surprises here Aryan ... I almost guessed your list (have been reading your posts for sometime now). Though I was hoping for Concrete mixer before the giraffe :)

Aryan-Arjun said...

Thanks periyamma..I miss you a lot.

Wunderyearz mommy—I would love to play with jelly..Hope she imitates me also!!!!

Preethi Mommy—My favourite one is a blue one. I hold it tight when I sleep. I mop that floor with that, I do shoo on her nightie, I put her nightie on my head and play...

K3 Mommy—Thanks. I will share it with Kutie. Papa said he will get more books...

Cantaloupes Amma—Concrete mixer is my favourite vehicle and giyaff my favourite animal...and favourite bird you must have guessed it ..Peacock

Anonymous said...

Soooooo nice to know more about you Aryan :-) Your mom is not taking a hint that you want to sleep alone with your toys ;-)

Not letting your mom to even go to toilet - well that reminds me of time when my babies were at your age !!

noon said...

Hi Aryan - you are a brave one - you actually go behind cockroaches?! And KB your pal also loves concrete mixer - although he doesn't have one - I should get him one sometime. He only knows it from pictures and from seeing it on the road. And man I do feel sorry for your mom - making all your vehicles sleep in the have a right to be angry but please Aryan - let them sleep on the floor and not on the bed! :)

Trishna said...

awww Aryan,aren't u a cutie!?!

Opal Scraps said...

just updated :-)
thanks for stopping by.

Aryan-Arjun said...

2b's Mommy—You are very true about the hint that I am giving her...she doesn't understand

Noon Mommy—Hmm yes...I will listen to you and alllow the vehicles to sleep down.Infact yesterday My mom told that all vehicles needs to be parked properly..cannot be kept one after another. Thus, I arrange all the vehicles under the cot.....

Trishna—Welcome to my space...

Swati said...

so shweet all your toys sleep with you :)

Preity Angel... said...

You are such a sweetheart

mummyjaan said...

Apya or Bubbu, or both, will do it soon, Aryan. Thanks :).

I, as their mommy, am falling behind on no less than 4 tags.

Wish I could be as fast as you kids!