Saturday, December 8, 2007


Do you remember, once I had explained about Aliens called teeth that were growing in my mouth? If not see this post of mine.

I have eight teeth. Four in the upper jaw and 4 in the lower jaw.
With the eight little teeth, I manage to eat lots of things, such as Kurkure, Muruku(That my Chella Pati made), Bingo, Cucumber, Tomato, Kissmis, Cashew nut, Biscuit, Carrot…..Lot more to add.

Now the alien is re-loaded. My Mom calls it Pre-Molar. Where are my teeth bitters? My Mom has placed it somewhere. The other day, instead of putting the ice cubes in the bottle, I put it in my mouth. Ahh..I felt so relieved. . .

It is paining and irritating. Oh my mommy friends, can you help me?


Anonymous said...

Hi Aryan,
Do not put ice cubes into your mouth. It may get stuck in your tiny throat dear.


Indian in NZ said...

HI Aryan - See, if you get 'Bonjela' there( it comes in a tube), rubbing small amount of it on your gums may help in getting rid of the irritation of gums. It helped both the Bs :-)

Lots of love to you.

Swati said...

I give BC 21 to Aryan. A combination of homepathethic medicines. Can get in any homeo shop. Helps sooth him

mummyjaan said...

Aryan's mommy. I hope the teething discomfort gets better for Aryan. When the teething made Apya very uncomfortable, I gave her a dose or two of either Calpol or Nurofen syrup. It used to help. Instead of ice cubes, I would say try teething rings which you have chilled in the freezer.

Hope he's better soon. Thank you for taking the survey. I am moving house soon (for the 11th time since coming to this country) so I thought this would be an interesting poll.

See ya :)

Aryan-Arjun said...

Ok my Dear periamma....

2B's Mommy—Thanks 2 B's mommy. My Mom said she did not get BONJELA..!!!

Swati Mommy—She has to find that medicine..she said she will do it on weekend. Anyway now I am feeling little better..

Mummyjaan—Hey, my MOm gave me calpol...Yoou know what, I hate drinking medicine..But I guess it is better than having teeth pain.

Thank you all of you Mommys..