Monday, May 25, 2020

If I was a smart phone, how will be my life be?

If I was a smart phone, I don’t think so it will be good. Why? Because people won’t give the importance that they give to other people. They can be careless; I might fall and break. I can get lost, get stolen etc. People can scratch me or dirty me, while playing some games or doing something.

This is how my life began.


“Where am I? What is the noise”

Slowly, I am going on home screen and some machine is touching me. When I opened my senses, I found myself laying in a factory with 100% charge. I guess I am born.

Once again, I heard some ponding noise. Some machine was lifting me and putting me in something.
Again, I asked myself the same questions. Where am I?
In meantime, I figured out that I was in a cellphone box.

One human, opened my box, saw me and closed it. It was the first time I met a human. I thought he would be my owner, but nada.
He was carrying me to the truck. I was in the first box to be loaded in the truck, and I was on the top and he was just checking before loading. I was happy, until I got to know that the other boxes will be stacked on me. I felt I am being crushed!!! Was it true?

After a long drive (which was for 5 days), they started transporting all phones from India to USA, including me.

Oh no, again someone is holding me. I don’t like being tightly held because I get squashed and they put their ditty hands on me.

Anyway, where I am I now? How does it anyway matter? Wherever they want they can take me.

I was shouting with other phones. “Don’t hold us, don’t move us”, but unfortunately, we are non-living and no one could hear us.

At last somebody opened the big box and we could breathe fresh air. One cell phone yelled, “We are free, that is the feeling of freedom”. Then I said, “Now, we are free but later?”

They now put us in separate boxes with our cover picture on top of the box. We got repacked.

Now, I was gossiping with my cover picture. I don’t know about the other cellphone. But I was liking this part of gossiping with my own picture.
Suddenly I put torchlight in the night and woke my cover picture and I liked scaring him. I kept changing my wallpaper. It was different. It is said that the other phones don’t work on their own. However, I could fully control myself.

Though I was changing my wallpaper, no one was seeing my exquisite wallpaper. Phew, what a life!!

One day, I decided to teach my cover picture about my great features.

I thought him about face ID, fingerprint recognition timer, alarm, etc etc…

Days and months passed, me being enclosed with my cover picture.
One day, someone brought me!!! What a dramatic change in life…

Well….it is new post to write about how my life changed after that.

By Arjun.


Anonymous said...

One of the best posts

SPN FAN said...

awesome imaginaton

Srividya said...

What an imagination!!!!
Eagerly waiting for the next post dear