Sunday, March 29, 2020

The Confident Communicator

It is been long since I have written a post. We had exams, preparation for exams etc etc, but this year I attended a 25 weeklong course named “THE CONFIDENT COMMUNICATOR”. The class is divided into Part 1 and Part 2.

“THE CONFIDENT COMMUNICATOR” , as the name suggests, it imparts us the knowledge of being confident.

The teachers, Deepma Jadeja and Sima Mehta are marvelous teachers. So how do they make us confident? Well, by making us do speeches, games, group discussions, presentations etc.
I remember my first speech, which was “the story of my life”, where I talked about myself.

The part when this class becomes interesting is the RAK (Random Act of Kindness) in which the teachers give you 100 rupees (not for personal use) and with that 100 rupees they ask you to stretch it like selling lemonade and getting money. With that money you need to do any random act of kindness, like give it to charity. Then you need to present it to the class. What I did was, I bought chocolates 40 of them (1+1 free) and I sold it and collected around 635 rupees and I gave the amount  to a handicapped girl.

The next important thing in which the major class revolves about is how to communicate well, body language, how to make not so boring presentations, hooks etc.

With such a stunning quote, I would like to talk about the teachers; the teachers are pleasant, and while talking to them you feel confident. Unlike other teachers, they don’t scold you that much. Let’s say you are not good at eye contact and you miss one of the fellow students, then one teacher  would say “Why didn’t you look at the fellow student?”. Two words to describe them:  amusing and supportive. That’s all about the teachers, now back to the class.

In Part 2, we made teams and with the help of our team members we needed to make a PowerPoint presentation. This part mainly focuses on activities, games, social feelings. It also talks about advertising, marketing, and elevator pitch etc.

Then we had the graduation ceremony in the end, where our parents were invited. In the graduation, we talked about what we did in class - all the activities. We did a tiny activity before graduation and all the students wrote something good about one another, it was like a souvenir. This is what I got.

Overall, I enjoyed this class.

You can reach out to The Confident Communicator team @ their YouTube channel.

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Deepma said...

What a great article, Aryan. And, thank you so much for your compliments! We loved having you in class - and we learned as much from you as you did from us! I think you were one of the first people for whom something from your Vision Board came true. How cool was that?!! :-)

Love and Best Wishes always. And, do stay in touch.

You're going places, buddy! I firmly believe that!

Deepma Aunty.