Friday, April 14, 2017

My First Writing- Arjun

My Essay

Hey, this is Arjun. My Mom gives me a topic every weekend and I write few lines about it.
Here goes my writing on Pista shells


I have more than 300 Pista shells. I collect them. I gobble my Pistas very fast and I like to collect the shells. Some people nibble the Pista when it is hard. In my dream also, I think about my Pista shells. I have colored my Pista shells. In my school also I think about Pista shells. We had three packets of Pista and i have finished two of them.

NB: Mom has typed this post for me and she typed exactly what I wrote.

1 comment:

Srividya said...

Sweet Arjun....I want to see your pista shell collections..and lets make an activity out of it...Very cute writeup...