Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I want it from First

After dinner, my Mamma and Papa were talking and I was fighting with my blue elephant. Suddenly I felt very thirsty and asked for water. My papa poured the water in a glass and gave me. I got very angry.

Aryan: Mamma, I want water from first

Mamma: What does that mean?

Aryan: I will not tell you what it means, but I want water from first.

Mamma: I don’t understand you Aryan. Ok, I will give you from first.

Saying this, she went to kitchen, took another glass and poured new water and gave me.
Aryan fuming with anger: Go away, I want from first…..

I was very angry. I started crying or rather shrieking. My tantrums continued for 10 minutes ( According to my Mamma it is too much to shriek for 10 minutes)

By now, my papa couldn’t tolerate any more. He gave me two tights slaps…..that is it. I was fully silent. I stared at Papa and did not talk to anyone. I went to my bed.

My Mamma came behind me, wiped my tears and asked me very softly, “Aryan what do you mean by wanting water from first?”

I said, “It means, you should not talk to Papa, but talk to me more and give me water first….and be with me.” You didn’t give me water, when I asked. You were talking with papa…

Mamma (thinking), “There is no REWIND button in life my dear. How can I make him understand that, you cannot go back and think about the time gone?”

Mamma, “ It is Ok Aryan, sometimes you don’t have to get attention always. You can be Second also and it is not bad to be last. I always tell you this, and now also I am saying the same. As long as you are happy, it doesn’t matter if you are first or second.”

Aryan, “But I always want to be first Mamma”

Mamma, “Yes Aryan, you are my first kid. But for small small things you cannot be always first”

Infact I have the habit of doing everything first, If someone opens a biscuit packet, I need the biscuit first, if mamma wears a new dress, I also need to wear a new dress first……so many examples to quote.

Before, my mamma used to agree to my first tantrums most of the times, but now I guess she is saying that being second or last is better than first!!! She herself is confused. One confused soul she is!!!!!


SVD said...


Becoming so posessive..hha...mamma is going to have a tough time ...:)


Swaram said...

Oh sweetu-pie. Mamma is rt dear. Its nice to be first but not bad to be last :) :)

Smitha said...

Aww! The sweetheart! Mamma is totally right in this :)

lostworld said...

:-) there's a saying that if someone asks for water & you don't give, in the next birth they'll be born lizards. Tell your mom that. I'm sure you just have to say 'waa' and a whole jug of water will be in front of u !!!!!

ambulisamma said...

Tough time mama.

kanagu said...

never mind Aryan... Mama has to grow up a lot to understand you.. bear with her... lol!!!! :)

Hugs to you..

noon said...

Pavam - children just crave our attention. Even now close to age five KB says "Heeyyy, listen to me< I want to say something" when his mom and dad are talking...

Aryan-Arjun said...

Periyamma—HOpe she doesn't give me a tough time...

Swaram akka—Really!!!

Smitha Mommy—Everyone says the same ahh!!

Lostworld akka—hhaa..that is the best idea..you are rocking star yaar..

ambulisamma—Tough time for me also!!!

Kangu anna—Hee..hope she grows up soon..

Noonie mommy—How are you? How is KG and KB? So even my big bro is like me!!!