Thursday, July 22, 2010


My class topic of this week is GERMS!!!

In the school, to demonstrate cleanliness and germs, they had given numerous examples. Table1 had set of people, who eat without washing hands and Table 2 has a set of people, who eat food after washing hands. They concluded that, people from table 2 tend to be healthier.

Then they taught about GOOD Germs and BAD Germs. This fascinated me a lot. My Mom has taught me about Bad germs, but for the first time I was hearing about GOOD germs.

Conversations with Mamma:

Aryan: “Mamma, You know there are good germs also.”

Mamma: “ Oh, is it Aryan?”

Aryan: “Yes, mamma. They help in making CURD, DOSA, IDLI, BREAD….”

My mom was also surprised when she heard this from me. And then she started her over enthusiastic habit of loading me with lecture.

Mamma : Yes, Aryan you are right. The Germs that help in formation of curd is “Lactobacillus”

Aryan: What mamma, “lactobacilll……us”.

Mamma: Yes, Aryan.

Today morning when Mamma gave me Dosa and curd, I promptly asked her.

Aryan: “Mamma, did you add GOOD germs in my curd? That lacto…..bat one”

Mamma was wondering what to say!!!

Mamma: “ Yes, Aryan it is there.”

Aryan: “Then can you please SHOW me.”

Mamma: “Well, Aryan to see that bacteria, you need a Microscope.”

Papa: “ Mamma, it is getting late. Can you please stop your lecture and get him ready before he bombards you with more questions!!!!

Mamma helped me in getting ready and I went to school.
But I am still wondering how can I see GOOD germs? Can anyone help me?


Swaram said...

Ha ha. Ask Pappa to get u a microscope Aryan :P :P

SVD said...

oh..that was i guess pappa and mamma will end up buying a microscope for our little scientist.Superb Aaru..

Anonymous said...

Do you believe in god?
Areyou seeing him?
Good germs are like god.

Anonymous said...

:) :) why don't you ask for a microscope in home Aryan?? :)

lostworld said...

If U see the good germs, you're never gonna touch curd in your life. It happened to me so I'm warning you Aryan :)

Preethi said...

that is so smart.. and that smartness deserves a microscope.. there are some wonderful electronic microscopes out there ... time your parents got you one!!

Aryan-Arjun said...

Swaram akka— way he will get I such he doesn't have any affinity towards microorganisms!!!

Periyamma—I think i need your recommendation also for that.

ambulisamma—That was a smart answer ambulisamma....

kangu anna—Now that everyone is telling the same, i think I will push for a microscope as my birthday gift....

lostworld akka—ahh that is a good warning...well my mammma used to be fastinated with those streaming germs in curd, when she was in her college..

Preethi mamma—how are you? How is cheeky...ahh electronic one is best you say? Ok, will tell mamma...