Monday, July 19, 2010

Almost a month over!!!

Almost a month over and my Parents are called for!!! Yepeee….isn’t is a super achievement from my end. My parents are called for to discuss about my behavior and progress in school.

Well, do you guys remember about my assessment during November 2009 from Wonder 6?
Have a look at this post.

I will give a synopsis of it

My Overall Assessment:
Strengths: I am very good at expressing my thoughts, I wait for my turn to do the activities, I am a good team player, and I am more interested in observing others.

Weakness: I am lazy to write. I need to improve more on it. Sometimes, I am very uninterested to do some activities. They are very true about my weakness; I am lazy to write.

Well, nothing has changed since then. Even in Chirec school, my parents are called for the same story. Even now, I tend to be lazy and be in some other world and I show laziness to write.

Another point is: I show maturity, but I am still insecure…You know very hectic life style for me. Some days I am unsure, whether the daycar-in-charge will pick me from school and later on my Mom will come to pick me from daycare….blah blah…

My mom has started her Google search about slow writers and will now start getting loads of pre-writing fun activities…Oh god give me a break please!!!! Do you think it is fun to write???


Swaram said...

Oh u r really matured :)
Gud luck Aryan. Writing activities are fun u know ;)

kanagu said...

Writing... I had a big problem Aryan... I am one of the very slowest writer in my class till my college... I felt hard.. but I am finding it quite easy now as there is not much to write :D :D

But don't worry... its not hard.. you will be one of the fastest and beautiful writer :) :)

And YAY for completing one month of school :) :)

SVD said...

oh Sweetheart..thats okay..

Take your own time...

Moroever, who is writing much these days dear..everybody is typing na...Ask mamma, would she have written this blog in paper instead of blogging in computer its okay...(so u got good excuse na..tell this to mamma)

Enjoy your schooldays chakudu


Anonymous said...

As any amma,your amma will also make it fun for you,so pls dont worry.Once you settle wth good handwriting,you will love to write even more.